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Will You Answer What Congress Won't? The Top 20 Questions pt 20

Back in late 2004 and early 2005, I sent emails, faxes, and letters to every member of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. In it, I asked them for their answer to a set of twenty questions which the readers of Polipundit wanted asked. The text of the letter was posted here.

52 Readers in 38 states joined the effort, asking their district Representatives and Senators to answer the questions. Response from our elected Representatives and Senators was poor, predictably so. Most Congressmen and Senators simply ignored the letters, emails and faxes. In the end, only seventeen answered with any degree of substance, and not one answered more than two questions.

I was looking at the set of questions this week, and you know, they still look like good questions to me, so I am going to ask you for your opinion on them. This will take a while, since I am putting up one question for each post, but please give this your serious consideration. And folks, this is not about politics or smacking down the other side; this is an opportunity to explore the issues of substance for our country. Sad that Congress was not up to it, but maybe we can get the conversation going. Thanks in advance.

20. What should the United States' relationship be with the United Nations?


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Get us out of the UN, that ... (Below threshold)

Get us out of the UN, that bunch of jackels.

And with this, I can state I answered all 20 questions.

Cancel their lease/occupati... (Below threshold)

Cancel their lease/occupation - sell the property to private investors to rebuild into World Trade Center 2. UN can set up shop in a third world nation. End our membership. Start a new world organization entitled: "Coalition of the Willing" - limit membership only to those countries that will sign up to elimination of terrorism and fascist-style organizations.

I see no compelling reason ... (Below threshold)

I see no compelling reason to continue the folly. The U.N. has drifted miles away from its original intent and serves only those who have learned how to manipulate the corruption into their own bank account. It's pretty evident who's bank account it is coming out of.

They must reform immediately or go.

Ended.... (Below threshold)


The US was a founding membe... (Below threshold)

The US was a founding member of the UN -- indeed, a moving force for its creation. However, no one could have anticipated the sort of corruption that's overtaken that institution. It's time for America to withdraw from it, both as a member and as a moral sanction. Then expel it from New York. Whoever decides to remain with it after that can house and fund it in our place.

Here's a couple questions I... (Below threshold)

Here's a couple questions I have for congress.

1. What do you call when you borrow money when you know you have no intention or means to pay it back? ( I call it stealing & fraud)

2. Why does Congress continue to steal the Social Security Surplus every year to spend on earmarks, entitlements and other vote buying schemes?

3. How much money would the Social Security Trust fund have in it today if Congress had not stolen it every year since the Democrats started the theft policy?

Getting out of the UN immed... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Getting out of the UN immediately is probably not a possibility, so i would suggest putting people like John Bolton in there, or tougher. Essentially do everything in our power to make it extremely hard to do business. Pull funds slowly and use the threat of pulling funds to get them to act in a way that is in the US's self interest. If they can find money elsewhere, let them. They obviously have had a rough time getting it from anywhere but us in quite a while.

I think putting actual and serious pressure and essentially making our presense known is the best way to get things accomplished in the world. Shunning the UN is a good thought, but we don't accomplish anything that way. Strong-arming them makes more sense to me since there are things they want done, but they should have to do what we want if we are paying for it.

The same as the relationshi... (Below threshold)

The same as the relationship is between the Congress and American people.

They both (UN and Congress) neither represent our interests and are filled with corruption.

Flush em both

Sincerely 914

Amen 914, Amen!... (Below threshold)

Amen 914, Amen!

As most here feel, I say ca... (Below threshold)

As most here feel, I say cancel our membership and evict the rest. When they go broke start a new organization called International Union of Democracies (IUD - haha). Membership is contingent on meeting certain criteria which designates them as a democracy.

Few things are more laughable than an organization which would allow a country like Saddam's Iraq to chair the Disarmament Committee or Libya to chair the Human Rights Committee.

Like unions, they have serv... (Below threshold)

Like unions, they have served their usefulness. ww






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