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Big Ol' TN Vol Howdy

I thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Melissa. I'm going to be doing a daily blogosphere round up. If you have ideas or suggestions feel free to send them to [email protected]

Hopefully, my first round up will be tonight, provided I get the software for this site figured out.


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Greetings from Gatlinburg, ... (Below threshold)

Greetings from Gatlinburg, TN and welcome.....I'm sure there will be a lot of contributions here.

Thanks! I'm about two hours... (Below threshold)

Thanks! I'm about two hours south of you near Tellico Plains.

well hey melissa,gre... (Below threshold)
rain of lead Author Profile Page:

well hey melissa,
greetings from a orange-blooded sec champ game bound vol lovin mid-tennessean.
welcome aboard.

Melissa Greetings fr... (Below threshold)

Greetings from a Lexington based Vol that just barely survived the weekend ! ...welcome aboard.

Greetings from North Caroli... (Below threshold)

Greetings from North Carolina: that wonderful land to your East.

Welcome.DKK... (Below threshold)


Welcome from an East TN ex-... (Below threshold)

Welcome from an East TN ex-patriot. Since I still pay a hefty Professional Privilege tax to the state, its almost like I'm still there..

Howdy back atcha from a Wes... (Below threshold)

Howdy back atcha from a West Tennessee Vol!

Welcome from another ex Eas... (Below threshold)

Welcome from another ex East TN Vol! The game with Kentucky was scary.

Howdy and welcome from a Kn... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Howdy and welcome from a Knoxville Vol!






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