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Palestinians protest peace

With the Middle East peace confab going on at Annapolis, Palestinians marched, protested, and rioted in Gaza and West Bank. They weren't protesting for peace, though; they are against it, and angry at Abbas for daring even to talk about peace with Israel. Video from kasper10623:

I saw a television report from the Palestinian territories last night, where the reporter interviewed, through an interpreter, a middle-aged Palestinian woman. She said, "Fatah looks out for themselves. Hamas looks out for themselves. But no one looks out for the people."

Aha! I thought, a ray of hope! Then she continued, "If Israel won't agree to a settlement, why shouldn't we use suicide bombers? What else can we do?"

Evidently her objections to Fatah and Hamas have to do with corruption, not ideology. Israel has been trying to make a deal for over thirty years now. The Palestinians have failed to live up to virtually every major commitment they have made over that time, and now elect terrorist governments who wish to fight to the death. These are not easy people to make peace with . . .

Via Charles Johnson.


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go figure.... (Below threshold)

go figure.

The Palestinians have never... (Below threshold)

The Palestinians have never passed up an opportunity to make life worse for themselves... you've got to wonder if they've got a societal death wish.

Other that having Nobel Pea... (Below threshold)

Other that having Nobel Peace Prize envy, is there any reason that Bush decided to organize this meeting at this time?

<a href="http://www.breitba... (Below threshold)

Pretty funny, as Bush has a "peace" conference in Annapolis, the Mad Mullahs are having a War Conference in Tehran.

Guess which one I think will show results?

Wheres RICHARD GERE to blab... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Wheres RICHARD GERE to blabber about peace to them?

The only way to make peace ... (Below threshold)

The only way to make peace with a Palestinian is to kill him. Very sad but true.

The modern story of the Palestinians is a tragic waste of human potential.






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