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The Coming Recession

I watched the television news last Friday night with my husband. The video they ran from earlier that "Black Friday" morning showed what appeared to be thousands of people lined up outside a shopping center waiting to get in the doors. The reporter talked about how incredibly packed and busy the shopping center was. I asked my husband to guess how they were going to spin that as a negative for the economy. Sure enough, before the report was over there was talk of a possible coming recession. Evidently all those people were not at the shopping center because they had money to spend, but because they were looking for deep discounts because the economy was in such a fragile state and people were hurting so. Rob Boyce takes a look at similar coverage and provides some figures that don't fit many of the reports that ran. He also makes a good point about how high gas prices might have affected online shopping.


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I am getting sick and tired... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:

I am getting sick and tired of the Lamestream media and their minions in the Democrat party talking down the economy. When has a Democrat ever done anything but raise taxes or make special welfare programs. Not one of these naysayers have ever worked at a real job in their entire lives. Someone ought to make them wear a hard hat and get down into the trenches. Maybe then they will see that things are not so bad. These people that are bashing the economy are losing their jobs right and left and they are whining. I don t give a rat's ass what they do, as long as they leave my paycheck alone.

I work in retail, not WalMa... (Below threshold)

I work in retail, not WalMart, on Thanksgiving Day our store's sales were up 48%, Black Friday our store's sales were up 49%, Saturday, up 49%, Sunday up 32%. A lot of what was sold wasn't even on the sales ad and what was on the sales ad really wasn't at that much of a discount.

If it is considered a recession to have sales like that even on days that aren't considered 'big' shopping days then I'd hate to see what a good day for sales would be considered?






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