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Tuesday through Wednesday Round Up

Let's start off with a little humor.

  • Funny video (Via Newsbusters)

    And on to the goings on around other blogs

  • No More Advertising (Via TCV)
    RJ Reynolds to stop all print ads next year.

  • Target Practice (Via TCV)
    Man arrested for shooting a traffic camera in Knoxville, TN. He may have started something here.

  • Not so Dead (Via Hot Air)
    Always check your sources and preferably the obituaries before claiming a family has been slaughtered.

  • Stem Cell Research (Via Sister Toldjah)

  • Purifying Conservatism (Via TACU)
    George Will discusses Purifying Conservatism with Heroics.

  • Flip Flop (Via IBD)
    Bill Clinton says he was against the Iraq War from the beginning.

  • Journalism 101 (Via Jon Swift)
    Jon thinks all bloggers should know the 20 rules of journalism.

  • We want to lose? (Via Rush Limbaugh)
    The liberals are just beginning to notice the democrats are invested in the defeat of our troops.
    Better late than never, I suppose.

  • We don't whine (Via Rush Limbaugh)
    Conservatives are doers not whiners, according to Limbaugh. I know a few who whine, but they also admit to knowing how to fix what they're whining about. Usually without government intervention.

  • What do you mean I'm losing? (Via Rush Limbaugh)
    Hillary isn't very thrilled with the Zogby poll showing her losing ground to all of the Republican frontrunners.

  • Progress? Where? (Via Neal Boortz)
    Bill Richardson seems to think that fewer American casualties doesn't equal progress.

  • Think Twice (Via LA Times)
    Harbinger of things to come. Support illegal immigrants, lose your job.

    I'm working a weird shift tomorrow night so my next round up will be Friday evening.

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