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Death Finally Catches Up With Evel Knievel


Is Kanye West the grim reaper?

Just days after settling a trademark infringement suite with Kanye West, legendary motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel has passed away. What's more shocking than Knievel's death is the fact that he was still alive.

He inspired a generation of kids (me included) to get out on their bikes and build their own ramps and jump things. He was also the original "reality television" and his stunts make the Jackass gang look like pussies. He was one-of-a-kind and very much a man of his times. That time came and went, yet he managed to keep his brittle bag of bones alive and vibrant decades longer than he probably deserved to. Kenievel's last picture was the one above, but to me he'll always be this guy...


Video of that near fatal jump over the fountain at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas below the break...

Then there was Evel's jump over the Snake River...


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Comments (10)

Snake River Canyon Jump was... (Below threshold)

Snake River Canyon Jump was still my favorite.

Dude was indistructable!

Oh man, that IS a bummer.</... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Oh man, that IS a bummer.

I used to have an Evil Knievel doll that came with a bike and this contraption that you wound up and then let fly. I think the toy stayed up right for about 10ft before tipping over. Kinda like Evil himself.

Anyway, sad news for sure. A real American icon!

Here's the toy:<a hr... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:
I used to have that same Ev... (Below threshold)

I used to have that same Evel Knievel...er...uh...figurine, too. The wind up thing pinched my hand once. That's when I knew I had a great toy.

It's a miracle he lived as ... (Below threshold)

It's a miracle he lived as long as he did, with all of those injuries and health problems. He just got tired, is all. Such a full and daring life, even if it feels like he went to soon. May he rest in peace.

Evel was my hero!I... (Below threshold)
Liberal Nitemare:

Evel was my hero!

I used to line my kid brothers and sister up behind the ramp and jump them on my bike.

I almost always made it!

Evel was a one of a kind, its gonna be a different world without him in it.

In his own words:<... (Below threshold)
Evel was a way cool biker d... (Below threshold)

Evel was a way cool biker dude all his life. But he also inspired the most Holy Spirit filled event ever at Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral earlier this year, with a very sincere and moving testimony that brought numerous people to a real relationship with Christ. Robert Schuller will be sure to honor his great friend.

>He inspired a generation o... (Below threshold)

>He inspired a generation of kids (me included) to get out on their bikes and build their own ramps and jump things

Cracked rib and still have the scar on my elbow.

Note to any young readers, make sure you don't trust Timmy from across the street to build your ramps for you. The damn thing might fly apart just as you get airborne. Always check your ramp yourself.

Just think of how valible h... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Just think of how valible his toys will become as collectors items






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