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Hillary Clinton Campaign Office Hostage Drama

Via Fox News.

Police have surrounded a Rochester, New Hampshire, campaign office for Sen. Hillary Clinton where where a man claiming to have a bomb reportedly is holding two hostages.

The assailant walked into the campaign office earlier Friday, saying he wanted to speak with Senator Clinton, a federal source told FOX News. The incident began unfolding around 1 p.m.

Clinton is not in New Hampshire.

"There is an ongoing situation in our Rochester, N.H., office. We are in close contact with state and local authorities and are acting at their direction. We will release additional details as appropriate," a campaign release said.

Hopefully the police and SWAT teams can get this standoff resolved and the hostages released unharmed. You can watch live raw news video here.

Also following the story: . Michelle Malkin.

Update (Kim): Fox News reported that it appears that all the hostages have been released. Three hostages have been released. It's unclear how many hostages, if any, remain in the office. According to ABC News, the alleged hostage taker is known around town and has a history of mental illness.

Update II (Kim): The New Hampshire police just concluded a press conference in which the spokesman didn't confirm anything except that they were investigating a hostage situation. He refused confirm the number of hostages, if there still were any ,or anything about the alleged hostage taker. However, an eye witness identified the alleged hostage taker on Fox News.

Update III: Officials have arrested the alleged hostage and have identified him as Leeland Eisenberg


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Comments (8)

Hillary's campaign is conti... (Below threshold)

Hillary's campaign is continuing to Bomb!


I wonder if the Clinton Cam... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the Clinton Campaign is going to plant people for the police to take in for questioning.


Strike one of My entrie's p... (Below threshold)

Strike one of My entrie's please. My computer froze up and did the wild thing.

One thing's for sure, it wont take long to be blamed on right wing extrememist's? when it may well be a left wing operative's idea of garnering sympathy for Hillary?

I guess i've gotten overly cynical of the left wing with all the planting of question's and politic's of personal destruction.

Any other ways to get her t... (Below threshold)

Any other ways to get her to tell the truth?

Anyone heard from Barney???... (Below threshold)

Anyone heard from Barney??? :-P

At least now we know what H... (Below threshold)

At least now we know what Hillary will do in a crisis.... Cancel a speech.

Limbaugh said that Hillary ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Limbaugh said that Hillary Clinton's HQ should be surrounded by police tape permanently because of all the scandals. I guess now it will be, but not because of the scandals...

I think Eisenburg should b... (Below threshold)

I think Eisenburg should be waterboarded to find out how much the Clinton's paid him to pull off this stunt. Why would you be mad about your healthcare and walk into the office of largest proponent of free socialized helath care? Oh maybe because healthcare is one of her bigg issues during her campaign. What's next will the clinton's pay mother nature to take hostages because she is too hot due to global warming? PLEASE this is so transparent on so many levels.






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