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Jay Tea To Silky Pony: MYOFB And Go Pound Sand

Well, John Edwards has announced his plan for universal health care coverage, and it ain't pretty. Lemme sum it up for you:

You VILL haff insurance. You VILL offer proof to the IRS every year that you haff insurance, or ve VILL make sure you do. Ve VILL see if you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid or S-CHIP, and if you do ve VILL sign you up for them. And if you do not qualify for them, then ve VILL sign you up for the cheapest coverage ve can find, and then ve VILL garnish your wages to pay for it if you don't fork it over yourself.

In clearer terms: "You are legally obligated to have health insurance. If you cannot prove you have health insurance, we will see if you qualify for free health insurance. If you do not, we will pick your insurance plan for you and take your money to pay for it."

I have insurance through my employer. And I say now, with absolute conviction, that should John Edwards' plan come to pass, there is no way in HELL I will give any details of my coverage to the Internal Revenue Service. I'm sure my insurance company will send me the requisite letter; I will simply toss it in the back of a drawer and ignore it. I'm less than thrilled with the IRS already knowing far too much about my personal finances, and taking far too much of my money; I will NOT be aiding and abetting the Infernal Revenuers to become John Edwards' leg-breakers in his quest to control and micromanage as intimate and personal detail of my life as my health insurance.

We've seen in the past how readily the IRS can be used for political vendettas. It's a bipartisan thing -- both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton's political enemies found themselves to audits and other IRS scrutiny. Anyone who thinks that it's a great idea to put the IRS in charge of enforcing a whole new government policy -- that does NOT have anything to do with revenue -- is crazier than that whackjob who duct-taped road flares to himself and commandeered Hillary Clinton's campaign office over in Rochester yesterday.

We've seen what happens to health care when the government gets involved too much -- look at Massachusetts. And we've seen what happens to health care when John Edwards gets his dander up -- check out what happens to OB-GYNs in his home state after he started going after them.

(I probably shouldn't refer to John Edwards' "dander," considering how much care he gives his hair, but "ire" just doesn't fit with his image.)

I do appreciate one thing about Edwards' plan, though. He's up-front about it. It makes it a hell of a lot easier to send him back home to sue some more doctors, maybe even channel some more dead children's words for gullible jurors.

I can't BELIEVE America is at the point where an ambulance-chasing, nanny-stater, vapid, egotistical twit like John Edwards is a serious candidate for president. God help us all.


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Comments (22)

RUDOLPH THE RED-FACED ADULT... (Below threshold)
Authority Figure:


You know Dole and Gingrich
And Haggard and Vitter
Craig and Clinton
And McCain and Blitzen.
But do you recall
The most famous adulterer of all?

Rudolph the red-faced adulterer
Had a very shiny head
And if you ever saw it
You would even say "Well, I guess it looks marginally better than the comb-over he used to have"

All of the other Republicans
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in their destructive games

Then one Foggy Bottom night
Karl Rove came to say
Rudolph with your beady eyes so bright
Won't you guide the gravy train tonight?

Then all the media loved him
And they shouted out with glee
Rudolph the red-faced adulterer
You'll be a footnote in history!

Yep...Continue to flood eme... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Yep...Continue to flood emergency rooms with people who should be able to see regular help.
Jay...which candidate for President has an answer for our health care crisis?
Is there a crisis?
Do you dispute many employers keep those who labor
(like Wal-Mart)below hours that would allow them health care?
You have health care...good. Have your premiums risen faster than inflation?
Do you believe your HMO places your health above their profits?
Are Americans fools to take one or two part time jobs without health benefits to support their families?

Should unemployment be given to those that turn down employment because health insurance is not available?
How many hospitals in your town that were non-profit supported by a religious organization closed or been taken over in the last ten years? How many hospitals in a city have moved to your suburbs?

If health care is not a basic right for every American, neither is education.
Privatize education. Those that cannot afford school don't deserve it.Their parents are just slackers who don't try hard enough. Why should taxpayers subsidize education? (except of course when we went to school)

Again, I am not asking for your candidate of choice, just which candidate's ideas on health care are closest to yours.
....unless of course you don't have a clue where your candidate(s)stand on this issue.
Voting clueless is an American tradition.

Hopefully the Authority Fig... (Below threshold)

Hopefully the Authority Figure will be more than disemvoweled.

TO get back on track:

Health "Insurance" isn't insurance similar to other forms of insurance in our society. If car insurance included covering the costs of oil changes and trips through the car wash, then maybe you could call Health Insurance similar. Or Homeowner's Insurance included cost of maintenance, and would pay up over and over even if you trashed the place yourself.

Requiring folks to participate in this debacle that has contaminated the practice of medicine, well, it simply would destroy the last vestiges of ethics and art in medicine. Managed Care has already sucked billions into corporate managerial coffers that would be better used for preventive health care and treatment of curable diseases. Only the consumer of health care has the power to change things (not that the masses might make the best choices), and only IF they have a choice in how to handle things. Taking AWAY choice rather than offering reasonable alternatives to choose from, now THERE's a totalitarian solution guaranteed to makes things more unpleasant for all.

What the hell's with AF? Is... (Below threshold)

What the hell's with AF? Is he trying to say that Guiliani is somehow more of an adulturer than Clinton? What a nutcase! You been taping any road flares to your chest lately, AF. How about addressing the actual topic - how a scumbag like Edwards can actually become a valid candidate for your party's nomination with screwball ideas as JT pointed out? Huh? how about trying to defend this socialist pig's concepts? Geez!

Nogo continues to prove tha... (Below threshold)

Nogo continues to prove that coherent logic is not necessary for liberal arguments, only passion and spraying spittle.

AF is probably an Edwards s... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

AF is probably an Edwards supporter using the "Oh look a bunny!" distraction tactic.

Amusing of Edwards to propo... (Below threshold)

Amusing of Edwards to propose the Romney plan for universal coverage.

Deb likes to point out that you can't make it illegal to be poor, which is what Romney/Edwards at least moves toward, if not effectively accomplishes. It's a politics of "too well off to be clueful." It's also a politics of colluding with your corruptly wealthy insurance industry pals and forcing everyone to give them money.

There is one real solution to the healthcare "crisis." No government. Government programs drove up costs faster than inflation could imagine. Government programs eliminated the free market and established standards and rules that already control partially what care is provided how, and who will pay and charge what. It's just like government influence on the college market, which is the mysterious driver of hyperinflating tuitions that nobody seems able to identify.

nogo:"Voting c... (Below threshold)


"Voting clueless is an American tradition."

And sadly in the new "cyber-world" so is blog commenting by some.

"... both Richard Nixon and... (Below threshold)
Mike g inCorvallis:

"... both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton's political enemies found themselves to audits and other IRS scrutiny."

You might have meant to say that Nixon subjected his enemies to audits, but Nixon himself apparently was a target andmight even have found inspiration therefrom. I have read that after Lyndon Baines Johnson became President, Nixon was audited in 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968. Oddly enough, he was not audited in 1969 ...

Yeah, let's give the IRS even more power. Great idea, Mr. Edwards!

Hopefully soon, even Dims w... (Below threshold)

Hopefully soon, even Dims will be able to look back at the Edwards for Prez train wreck and realize how pathetic he is.

He'll be back in his cozy little poverty playground at UNC-CH in no time, forgotten as he should be.

How many of the emergency r... (Below threshold)

How many of the emergency rooms are being flooded with illegal aliens? Answer that and you will know the problem with healthcare. ww

I have a request, and this ... (Below threshold)

I have a request, and this is going to become a bit of a crusade for me over this election cycle for me among the conservative blogs that I read. Can you refrain from name calling, such as labeling Edwards "The Silky Pony" and with other Dem candidates as well? I can't stand Edwards myself and think that SP is a great nickname, but when you start name calling it distracts from your message and brings you down toward the level of the leftie blogs. I read them as well to see opposing viewpoints and cringe every time I see a reference to "a**hole in chief", "president s*** for brains", etc. Granted, the name calling by conservative blog writers isn't as offensive, but it still detracts. We're better than they are, and I'd like to try to keep it that way.

John Edwards will never get... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

John Edwards will never get any closer to the Oval Office than he has been. If he wants to see it, he'll have to take the tour like every one else.

yngwie,In a way, I... (Below threshold)


In a way, I can understand where you're coming from. However, plenty of lefties come here to diss our present Commander-in-Chief, as well as the right leaning commenters here. They don't save all the insults for their own blogs. I have some disagreements myself with the President, but I do have respect for the good things he has done for America. Having a sense of humor adds balance to perspective.

Besides, I'm sure Silky Pony has plenty of tasteless jokes of his own about the present administration. His cutesy nickname is probably far more tame than some of the thoughts that have gone through his mind, we just haven't heard them (yet).

Silky Pony?I thought... (Below threshold)

Silky Pony?
I thought he was the (Breck Girl)?

Whatever...unless Shillary or B. Hussien Obama stick road flares up their butts and light em, Breck Girl will just go away.

If health care is not a ... (Below threshold)

If health care is not a basic right for every American, neither is education.

What do you know. You actually got something correct!

There's vulgar name calling... (Below threshold)

There's vulgar name calling, and there's tagging with nick names. Pilots get their first call sign often referring to a very embarrassing event in their aviation career - Muck may have run off the runway into some mud, etc. Some are obvious, many deviously obtuse to all but those few in the know. Silky Pony is a fine nickname. Chimp McHitler is not.

Actually k-12 education is ... (Below threshold)

Actually k-12 education is a "right" under many State Constitutions, for good or for ill, depending on how successfully the ed. unions are in persuading legislatures, and now courts, in funding this "right."

But there is no such right in any constitution to health care, although most governments fund it for the poor.

This reminds me, Biden was ... (Below threshold)

This reminds me, Biden was mouthing off again, this time about impeachment of Bush if Bush bombs Iran. He said he'd introduce a resolution in the Senate.

Problem is, the House of Reps votes articles of impeachment, like an indictment, not the Senate. The Senate has the trial.

I suppose Biden has found a new "right" from a penumbral emanation somewhere.

nogo, I work for Kmart part... (Below threshold)

nogo, I work for Kmart part time at $6.50 an hour and was offered pretty decent family health insurance at about $9 a week. Think the average minimum wage employee could afford that? I do. Just don't drink as much beer, smoke as many cigarettes, less soda, or less lottery tickets, get rid of the cellphone, or drop all those cable/satellite tv services and they could afford it. I have health coverage through my husband's employer or I would have taken it.
Chalk me up in the not too lazy to work so my kids can go to private school. My Kmart check goes solely to pay tuition at the private school my kids attend in lieu of government education. To the tune of $600 a month. I also work at the school cleaning to repay part of the tuition as well to the tune of $250 a month. Total monthly tuition bill $850 and pretty much paid by Kmart. Thank you very much.

And,to point out the obvious, health insurance companies place profit above your health. They're in the business to make a profit not to make people healthier.

Jay,My Uncle was a... (Below threshold)


My Uncle was a prominent member of the Republican Party in 1963. As he tells the story, two weeks before that fateful day in November, he commented to someone (in so many words) that "someone should get rid of that b*astard".

This Uncle owned a lawn equipment business for over 30 years, until selling the business in 1992.

After 1963, his business was audited by the IRS every single year, for almost 30 years.

The IRS is a most effective bipartisan vengeance tool, given my Uncles's experience being on the receiving end of it.

Wow - good discussion and g... (Below threshold)

Wow - good discussion and good points, everybody. Yeah, these clowns definitely earn their titles, and what's being said is nowhere near as offensive as what's being said over on the left. In fact, my biggest dislike for the "Silky Pony" moniker is that I've always been partial to "Breck Girl" myself =8^)

That said, as the bloggosphere goes more mainstream and eventually takes its place alongside or surpassing the MSM, it is going to need to need to hold itself to higher standards. Myself, I'd like to see that sooner than later, but that's just my take.

Thanks to everyone who responded - good discussion, everybody!






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