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The Savage Lawyers v. Tender Loving CAIR

Let me make one thing clear: I don't like Michael Savage. I've heard his show a few times, and he's a huge turnoff to me. He's egotistical, vain, self-centered, and a huge asshole. He regularly slams other conservatives as "phony conservatives," then whines when they don't rally to his defense. He's a bomb-thrower, and not even an attractive and entertaining one like Ann Coulter. I find his show unlistenable.

That being said, I find myself falling back on one of my old standards: "he pisses off the right people."

Savage is the current target of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an unindicted co-conspirator in at least a couple of terrorist trials. CAIR is the go-to group when you need someone to piss and moan about "anti-Islamic" hate crimes in the US or to justify acts of terrorism or sue people who point out that a very high (and statistically impossible to call random) percentage of terrorist actions are committed by people shouting out "Allahu Ackbar!" or to, in general, blame America and non-Muslim Americans for all the troubles in the world.

Well, they thought it would be a good idea to post clips of Savage's show on their site to show everyone how just awful he is, and try to raise money to shut him up.

Bad idea.

Savage has a host of legal remedies available to him. He could sue them for organizing the boycotts of his sponsors. he could try to get them for suppressing his free speech. But those are all fraught with legal risk -- he'd be putting his First Amendment rights against theirs.

Instead, he's going for straight financial damages -- over copyright.

Savage's suit says that CAIR has taken significant material from his show -- all copyrighted -- and used more than is permissible under "fair use" for financial benefit.

What a lot of people suspect (and I concur) is that Savage isn't after the money here. Nor is he trying to get CAIR to leave him alone. Instead, he's going after the one thing CAIR has fought and evaded and resisted at every step: legal discovery, and a good look at their books.

CAIR's been involved in several lawsuits, and a couple of times they've dropped their suits when the defendants started nosing around their books. (Naturally, they've claimed "moral victory" and "exoneration" each time they've backed down.) But this time they're the defendants -- they don't have the choice of dropping the suit, that's Savage's privilege.

I don't intend to start listening to Savage, nor will I contribute to his legal fund (I have enough money troubles of my own, thank-you-very-much), but I will be watching this case with glee.

There's never been any really solid, conclusive proof that CAIR has supported terrorism, but there's been a ton of smoke. Savage just be the guy to find the fire.


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Comments (17)

"There's never been any rea... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

"There's never been any really solid, conclusive proof that CAIR has supported terrorism,"

If after all these years, the same folks who brought down Dan Rather, cannot find proof against this group?

The racist, homophobic rants of Savage appeal to many white males who feel threatened in 21st century America. He recently signed a multi-million $$ contract based on this appeal.

If your hope for a truthful expose' has been reduced to this man...well..
After all he has provided serious thought based on lengthy personal investigation in the past.

No doubt he will uncover specific links and a follow the money paper trail that will bring down this organization.

Mh38b0 Test myfunction comm... (Below threshold)

Mh38b0 Test myfunction comment

If after all these years... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

If after all these years, the same folks who brought down Dan Rather, cannot find proof against this group?

nogot brains, if you honestly believe that identifying a modern Word font is the same thing as an in depth analysis of a political orgnizations funding activities, you've been sniffing the glue gun for about eight hours longer than recommended.

#3, I think she sleeps wit... (Below threshold)

#3, I think she sleeps with the glue gun on her nightstand.

Nogo WharYour adho... (Below threshold)

Nogo Whar

Your adhominem attack's against Mr. Savage show nothing but Your own hatred for anyone who exposes Your idea of 21st century sodom and gomorrah..

Why do I get the feeling You donate to CAIR?

Didn't Dan Rather bring dow... (Below threshold)

Didn't Dan Rather bring down himself?

I agree with Jay's view of Savage. I could probably listen to him a bit more if it wasn't for that NYC accent. However he isn't stupid.

I have heard his a few time... (Below threshold)

I have heard his a few times. His message isn't bad, his presentation and ego are too much for me to wade through. ww

nogo, you are such a whiney... (Below threshold)

nogo, you are such a whiney bastard suffering from a severe case of MPH (my pussy hurts).

His work will save your type some day from muslim facists who want to stone your ass then cut off your head, but not before throwing you off a cliff.

You make me sick.

George C. Patton was known ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

George C. Patton was known for being politcally incorrect on many occasions, but he was known as a fight winner. When you are in a fight, it is more important to be a winner than be PC. Winners are never tried for war crimes. Being politically correct is for losers, since deciding what is correct is decided by someone else.

I've never been a fan of Sa... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I've never been a fan of Savage, but i'll be rooting for him on this one. CAIR needs to have some serious looking done into their books. Hopefully this case will do it. I could care less about the Savage aspect of it. I only hope that CAIR gets some light shone on them.

They are a disgusting perversion of an organization.

He could sue them ... (Below threshold)
He could sue them for organizing the boycotts of his sponsors. he could try to get them for suppressing his free speech.

I'm unaware that these are causes of action. Could you provide a link to anything that would support your assessment that these are legit?

From the complaint:

"The Savage Nation" is unique among so-called "Talk Radio" in that it combines serious intellectual analysis with dramatic and emotional soul baring

That's border-line perjury. The rest of the complaint is just as badly written. His remedy request is most generously described as "novel." IMHO, the complaint wasn't for the court; it was for his public. (note that a cause of action is implied, never stated; that his remedy is crazy; and that 90% of it is chest-thumping.)

CAIR needs to have... (Below threshold)
CAIR needs to have some serious looking done into their books. Hopefully this case will do it.

I wouldn't get my hopes up; the only way he'd get there is if he won the underlying suit (which doesn't look good for him - the fair use factors favor CAIR), the judge agrees with his strange remedy argument (which, to my admittedly limited knowledge is unprecedented), and then allows Savage direct & unfettered access to CAIR's books. Any one of those three could torpedo Savage's hopes of getting at CAIR's books, and his arguments are weak on all three counts.

I guesstimate that I agree ... (Below threshold)

I guesstimate that I agree with Savage about 60% of the time, disagree about 20% of the time, and just enjoy his show the other 20% of the time.

And I'm glad that he is taking CAIR to task and trying to expose them.

jpe: If it's a frivolous s... (Below threshold)

jpe: If it's a frivolous suit, then at the very least CAIR is getting a taste of how their own frivolous/baseless suits affect others.

I say go as far as he can with it and make them spend their money. Savage is an A-One kook, but I'll root for him on this one.

That's fair, Oyster. I'm n... (Below threshold)

That's fair, Oyster. I'm not a practicing lawyer, but I think I can still smell crap when it's in front of me. It's strange, though, because the guy that drafted it isn't some poo-throwing monkey; he's a well-known defense attorney. That means that either I'm way off-base or it's a publicity stunt. Any practicing lawyers on Wizbang wanna weigh in?

I am a lawyer and can tell ... (Below threshold)
Lawyer type:

I am a lawyer and can tell you that this his complaint is a joke. Looks like it was drafted by him and given to his lawyer to sign off on.
All I see is a Savage rant that has nothing to do with copyright violations.

At the end, he was compelled to file this suit because he is losing advertising dollars and if he sits quietly, his audience will think less of him.

This is really looking a lot like the Al Franken/O'Rielly suit. I expect an early dismissal.

Lawyer type, that's what I ... (Below threshold)

Lawyer type, that's what I thought. The complaint looked like something drafted by a homeless man against the Trilateral Commission. Does anyone even know if it was actually filed?






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