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The Beginnings Of A Muslim Reformation?

Wretchard, over at The Belmont Club, points to developments in Nigeria that do not point to a new form of 419 scam. Rather, he sees what may be the seeds of a "Muslim Reformation" that could spell the beginning of the end of militant Islam.

It's being driven from within, from below, as it's the common people who are pushing back against the enforcers of Sharia law, but I can't help but think that those parts of the non-Muslim world that are pushing back against its expansion are giving them some small measure of hope.

I don't know if it's going to "take," or how long it might take to take, but it's certainly one of the better signs we've seen in a while.


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Comments (4)

It won't be long till they ... (Below threshold)

It won't be long till they are pounded back into compliance by the stoning and religious police.

Then again, it could all be taquiya (bull shit). Most infidels do not understand taquiya, a principle that gives muslims the moral authority to deceive infidels. Taquiya refers to dissimulation, the process of disguising one's true intentions by erecting a facade pleasing to his victims.

This is usually the case where muslims are all nicey nicey till they reach a critical mass in population. Then they begin their demands for special treatment and for everyone to start living under sharia law. Just look at Eurabia. Places in France, Holland, Belgium, & Sweden are over run with foreign muslims who have created no-go zones.

I will never believe islam will reform since their book encourages muslims to lie to the rest of the world to achieve their objectives.

islam is an ideological virus and it must be eradicated before it poisons the world.

Editor's note: This is NOT the real nogo, but an impostor. And a bad one -- the spelling and grammar are correct, no run-on sentences, no massive abuse of ellipses, and the sentiments almost make sense. This commenter also has a history of changing identities at the drop of a hat, and has used six different names in the last two weeks. Say goodbye, Bob Jones/Jimbo/SpurwingIsAnAsshole/BillyBob/Bob/Jim/Lee/Nogo...


Islamic cultures have alway... (Below threshold)

Islamic cultures have always had periods of sanity.

There is something about the religion of Islam or the cultures of Islam, that permits radicalization which has happened repeatedly through history. For whatever reason the radicalization isn't resisted or isolated. In our cultures, such movements get the label of cult and are forced to eventually isolate themselves to survive.

Perhaps Niger is different enough. But I wouldn't be surprised that when Niger reforms enough, some radicals will appeal to outside financing and become a movement to bring Niger back to the fold.

Mostly wishful thinking Jay... (Below threshold)

Mostly wishful thinking Jay Tea. I've spent a lot of time in Muslim countries, both strictly observant and otherwise.

I've seen periods when the country's local version of the Saudi Mutaween don't enforce Sharia as vigorously as others, but it is almost always because they have been reigned in by the powers that be. And the "reigning in" is almost always based on a political decision. Sometimes the "political decision" is apparent, as when the Saudi Royal family clipped the Mutaween's wings during the first Gulf War when the Mutaween's run-ins with coalition forces' females embarrassed the Saudis, and sometimes the reason for the decision isn't obvious to Western observers.

I suspect that latter point is what we are seeing here. Some local event in Nigeria has probably caused those who have authority over the "religious police" to temporarily reign them in until the event is eclipsed and then the misogynic wretches can go back to beating girls and women.

Sadly, most of the "rank and file" of Islam do not have the resources (or the inclination) to standup against their Imams, even in the mostly well off Islamic congregations in Western Europe's countries, much less in Nigeria.

What the Muslims need is a ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

What the Muslims need is a Christian reformation.






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