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CNN's Cooper Knew Kerr

  • Gordon Bloyers
    The things you learn while listening to Limbaugh. This is from one of the you tube 'questioners' who was flown to St. Petersburg, FL by CNN and was there when General Kerr arrived. (Via Rush Limbaugh)

    Update: You have to listen closely. It's roughly at the 12 second mark.

  • Transcript The conversation between Mr. Bloyers and Rush. (Via Rush Limbaugh)

    And now I will return to my evening dig around the blogosphere for the evening round up.
    Discuss. Enjoy.

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    Comments (7)

    Your title is a bit of a st... (Below threshold)

    Your title is a bit of a stretch Melissa.

    He may have known Kerr, after all he had been a guest of CNN prior to the debate but I fail to see any proof in the video.

    Bill O'Reilly had Kerr on as a guest Monday night and he cleared up one point.

    Newsbusters had a blurb just after the debate stating Google (not CNN) had actually paid for Kerr's plane fare and hotel stay.

    Kerr flatly stated CNN picked up the entire tab and also verified no one from CNN made any attempt to determine if he had any political ties.

    The most interesting part of the O'Reilly interview was when the Brig. Gen. was asked how he could support Hillary when hubby Bill started don't ask, don't tell" and Hillary is against gay marriage.

    Kerr blew right past the question by saying he wasn't "decided" on who he would vote for.

    He also made the idiotic argument that 12,000 service members have been tossed out of the military since 1993 for being gay and it has hurt "military readiness."

    Agenda driven moron - that's less than a thousand per year. More than that get tossed per year for drug offenses.

    In addition, and I can't vouch for the actual numbers, but know for a fact a certain number of "gays" have only been gay as a way to get out of the military.

    It's was, and I suspect still is, much easier to play the gay card than it is to claim consiencious objector status after volunteering for the service.

    Anyone that volunteers, sig... (Below threshold)

    Anyone that volunteers, signs a contract agreeing with the rules and then goes back on it is not a person to be trusted with anything. I wouldn't hire one and wouldn't want to work with one. They are as bad or worse than those that volunteer and then desert to Canada. All of them should be rounded up, tried, convicted, and shot, no exceptions.

    This is one of the dumbest ... (Below threshold)

    This is one of the dumbest thing I've ever read on a conservative blog.

    Of course they "knew" him, they had seen him on YouTube probably 20 times before they finalized their pick... Even one of the producers says to him "You're the General, right?"

    Of course they where looking forward to getting him there... The intent of the questions was to make Republicans squirm and they thought the general would make them squirm the most. He was to be their star for the evening.

    Even the guy giving the tour joked that he knew them all but by number only. -- One of the producers quipped, "You guys are famous now."

    Weak weak weak... Down right embarrassing that we now sound like DU.

    Libs,Get over it, CN... (Below threshold)
    Dave W:

    Get over it, CNN had this whole thing set up. If this debate would have taken place on foxnews and with democrats instead of republicans you would be screaming about the same exact thing

    "Libs" did you say "Libs"?<... (Below threshold)

    "Libs" did you say "Libs"?

    Do quote John Freaking Kerry, "Do You Know Who I Am?"

    and btw YES the Dems would be doing this if the tables where reversed... that's what so damned embarrassing.

    Anderson Cooper: Definition... (Below threshold)
    GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET:

    Anderson Cooper: Definition-over educated twit.

    To be fair to Melissa, el R... (Below threshold)
    Eric F:

    To be fair to Melissa, el Rushbo's transcript is titled, YouTuber: CNN, Cooper Knew Kerr.

    They may not have realized the Brig. General's connections with the Clinton campaign, but they certainly were promoting this particular agenda. Paul is right that he was to be a star and make the Republicans squirm, and so it makes sense that he would be known to Cooper.

    What's truly disingenuous is that I don't recall CNN doing that during the Democrat YouTube debate.






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