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Monday's Business News


Here's a very good article -- with no agenda -- about ConocoPhillips' plans for a massive natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower-48.

Read the whole thing.

No Mas

Speaking of energy, Hugo Chavez lost his bid for absolute power and Cuban-style socialism in Venezuela.

Jim Addison's post immediately below this collection has more in the way of details.

Electric Eye

Pentagon Plans Multi-Billion Dollar Spy Satellite Program

Read the whole thing.

Skin Deep

A state law. A federal lawsuit. The 1st Amendment. Strip clubs. Crime rates. Power politics.

This article has all that and more.


Here's a good article concerning Google's plans for that upcoming government auction of wireless networks.

Home Sweet Home

I searched around for a non-biased, non agenda-driven article concerning those ongoing talks, regarding ARM loans and foreclosures, among major mortgage lenders, Wall Street investors, the Treasury Dept., and mortgage servicers. Mostly in vain, by the way. The media's reporting on this topic generally was laden with such a heavy-handed agenda I thought for a split second I was watching a Hollywood movie about the Iraq war.

In any event, this article by Reuters' business news services was the best MSM product I could find.

Mostly this is a dog-and-pony show. If big Wall St. lenders unilaterally freeze the rates on their ARM loans -- en masse -- that will avoid a bunch of foreclosures, but it also will drag out for an extra year or three the process of the final bottoming out of the real estate market.

No matter how you slice it, however, the administration's entreaties with the mortgage industry make a lot more sense than actual nanny state legislation. Private agreements brokered by the government set bad precedents in colloquial terms, but misguided *laws* are much, much worse.


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Regarding Ohio's strip club... (Below threshold)

Regarding Ohio's strip club law:

According to the most recent Supreme Court decision on the subject, jurisdictions can only craft anti-nudity ordinances to prevent crime.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to prove that strip clubs foster illegal activity. Here, in Sacramento, when the City Council tried to shut down the one nude club in the city limits, the club's lawyer pointed out that that club - together with the other clubs in the county - averaged only one police or sheriff call per year (not surprising since none of the clubs serve alcohol and have heavy security).

When the lawyer pointed out that the nightclub with the highest incidence of police calls was the city's leading gay club, the very liberal Sacramento City Council decided to drop the matter.






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