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Deaf, Partially Naked Man Tasered In His Own Bathroom

There's been a break in the recent string of taser deaths and tasering of dumbasses, with what may take the cake for poor judgment in deployment of a taser. Donnell Williams, a Wichita man who is effectively deaf without his hearing aids, was tasered by police in his own bathroom while wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Why were the cops in the mans bathroom? They had busted into the man's house chasing down a reported shooting, which turns out to have been a false report.

Wichita police faced with a man in a bath towel, no visible weapon, no evidence of a shooting, and the main pointing at his ears telling them he can't hear, claim the really didn't have much choice but to taser him.

Maybe it's me but that sure seems like a shoot first, ask question later policy. I'm suspecting that Mr Williams won't be so forgiving of toward the police once he retains an attorney.

Hearing Impaired Man Tased by Police (KWCH)


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How did cops ever deal with... (Below threshold)

How did cops ever deal with the danger of naked guys in their own bathroom before tasers?

If they're that damn desper... (Below threshold)

If they're that damn desperate to taser somebody why don't they come to my place and do it to me. I could use the money from the lawsuit.

f'n morons

"Don't sue me bro"... (Below threshold)

"Don't sue me bro"

ohhhh, i'm not sure that ca... (Below threshold)

ohhhh, i'm not sure that can top the one awhile back in (oregon?) where the brave hero cop bravely tased the 90+-year-old great-granny.

tased her to the point of her glass eyeball popping out and rolling around on the street. tased her in front of her 70-year-old daughter.

"she made a furtive move!" "officer safety!" "these things are FUN!!" "i mean, uh, officer safety!"

So where was he suppose to ... (Below threshold)

So where was he suppose to be hiding the gun?

Tasering naked guys while s... (Below threshold)

Tasering naked guys while standing in a tub of water...

The new Viagra.

Well, that'll teach ... (Below threshold)

Well, that'll teach a guy who's vulnerable, defenseless and alone in his own bathroom to expect a little privacy. Cops demonstrating Stupid 101.

Wow! Was that guy packing h... (Below threshold)

Wow! Was that guy packing heat or what? ww

In order to save face, the ... (Below threshold)

In order to save face, the officers involved in tasering a towel clad man are going to charge him with conspiracy to commit assualt with a dead weapon. Supporting charges will be concealing a dead weapon, failure to register said weapon and not storing it safely (wrap that rascal).

Much as I admire the dedica... (Below threshold)

Much as I admire the dedication of most cops, I have a feeling that they get way too gadget happy when it comes to buying gear. Witness the annual Darth Vader fashion show we see in SWAT uniforms. Do they really need to dress like dark overlords in $100,000 costumes and change their uniforms and weapons every year? Do cop cars need exciting new lighting and siren systems every year? For the most part, I think that cops show admirable restraint when it comes to the use of force, but as for tasers, I have a feeling that it's sometimes "They aren't lethal, so what the hell?" Hey, call it the Barney Fife Effect, but I suspect that the very fact that these things aren't lethal make them easier to use.

Do You have a link to the ... (Below threshold)

Do You have a link to the You Tube video? Dont these cops know You dont play with electricity around bathwater?

I see a bright, fun, debt f... (Below threshold)

I see a bright, fun, debt free future for this guy and I sincerely hope he does become an insta-millionaire when they settle out of court.

OTOH, I see some ass hat trigger happy Barney Fyffe ex cop looking for employment and a city looking for a new insurance carrier after the old one dumps them for excessive claims.

Just wth was the cop thinking ? "Look, a naked wet guy! I bet the TASER will *really* get good conductivity here!" He really must have a room temperature IQ to not realize the situation he was getting into when he popped the trigger.

Common sense seem to be something these morons so desperately lack.

I've come to the realization that TASER's are tools that do NOT need to be in the possession of any law enforcement organization. There are other non lethal methods of subduing uncooperative suspect.

They do not need to be in possession of tools that allow them to be sadistic bastards.

Well to be fair to the cops... (Below threshold)

Well to be fair to the cops, he was really glad to see them.
Until he was tased that is. Talk about "shrinkage".

There must be a way to tie ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

There must be a way to tie this to the Patriot Act...

How do you know his weapon ... (Below threshold)

How do you know his weapon wasn't visible.
I agree though, cops are stupid and useless,
the world would be nothing but marijuana brownies
and guitar hero 3 if it wasn't for those stupid jerks.

veeshir you beat me to that... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

veeshir you beat me to that one, lol

<a href="http://tased.thetr... (Below threshold)

My favorite source for tasering news ...
"Tased and Confused -- If you've been tased you probably deserved it."

He should be grateful he wa... (Below threshold)

He should be grateful he was only tased...


Yes, thanks for the link Ch... (Below threshold)

Yes, thanks for the link Charlie. these paramilitary swat teams are resembling the Nazi SS more closely everyday.

Scary to think they can just bust into Your house and maybe kill You or Your family and then say "they were a suspected drug dealer".

It is not worth lives to find some drugs/ unless of course they are selling them on the side or using them personally?

Stupid jerkface cops, preve... (Below threshold)

Stupid jerkface cops, preventing America from realizing the dream of Utopian Anarchy.

I know that if these Strumtruppers were all gone tomorrow I, and all Americans, would behave in a lawful way anyway, because acting rationally is the dominate human trait, it's not like society would degenerate into something similar to tribal Afghanistan, I mean we are white after all.






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