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Debra LaFave In Trouble Again


The original "Hot For Teacher" has been arrested again.

Debra Lafave, the Florida teacher who pleaded guilty to lewd behavior with a teenage boy, has been arrested for allegedly violating her probation on charges she spoke to an underage female co-worker.

Lafave, 27, allegedly had contact with the minor - a 16-year-old co-worker - at Danny Boys' restaurant in Ruskin, Fla., in violation of her probation, FOX News has learned.

Lafave pleaded guilty in 2005 to lewd and lascivious behavior as part of a plea deal after Florida authorities charged her with having sex with a 14-year-old student.

According to a police report, Lafave spoke with her teenage co-worker numerous times about family problems, friends, high school, boyfriends and sex.

As part of her probation, Lafave is to abstain from contact with minors under 18 years of age.

As we reported back in 2004, those who knew her in high school insist she swings both ways, so it is possible that there is more to this story than just talk.

Image Gallery

debra_lafave2.jpg debra_lafave_wedding.jpg
0628042teach1.jpg debbiebeasley.jpg
debra-lafave-pic.jpg lafave_debra_bike2.jpg

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Comments (21)

Yowzer! wonder if She likes... (Below threshold)

Yowzer! wonder if She likes guys over 30?

and WHY again is this *seri... (Below threshold)

and WHY again is this *serial* child-molesting pedophile free? WHY again is she not locked away in a horrific prison, a contemptible convict? WHY again is she not behind bars, to protect The Children from her ongoing serial predations?

ohhhhhh, THAT'S right ..... she's a mere *woman*. and all that 'equality' jive is situational, it seems.

Hotter than a cheap Chinese... (Below threshold)

Hotter than a cheap Chinese firecraker and potentially a bi-sexual to!

Is it too late to amend my Christmas wish list?

If I'd had sex with a teach... (Below threshold)

If I'd had sex with a teacher like that when I was 14, I'd still be bragging about it now, 40 years later.I know it's hard to conceive that boys and girls are different.

At least Mary Kay Letournea... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

At least Mary Kay Letourneau settled down and married her soulmate.*

*AKA: the adolescent she molested

To quote and amend 914's st... (Below threshold)

To quote and amend 914's statement-----Yowzer! wonder if She likes guys over (40)? lmao

The court needs to order (MY) house arrest...at least until spring 08.

I was being sarcastic, nays... (Below threshold)
Peter F.f:

I was being sarcastic, naysayers.

Slow on the uptake, aren't we.

Whats with all the negative... (Below threshold)

Whats with all the negative ratings of the posts??

Has Mother Theresa arisen and trolling Wiz?

I could make the ghost of Mother Theresa CRY, but I don't wanna piss off Maggie and become garbledygook.

I'll let her abuse my body ... (Below threshold)

I'll let her abuse my body for a short time and I'm way past legal.

Bikes and babes, my two fav... (Below threshold)

Bikes and babes, my two favorite topics. I sure wish she was into some lewd conduct with 52 year old guys.

I sense a great disturbance... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

I sense a great disturbance in my pants. As if millions of spermatazoa cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

AKA: the adolescen... (Below threshold)
AKA: the adolescent she molested

Yes, only now he is old enough and so they got married legally to raise the kids they had.

So now they have a chance to make a good ending out of a bad beginning.

Any reason to post Debra Le... (Below threshold)

Any reason to post Debra LeFavre pictures is a good one.

Her torso is too long. It m... (Below threshold)

Her torso is too long. It makes her look wired in those bikini pictures.

I knew a girll like that in... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

I knew a girll like that in high school. All the guys wanted her because rumor had it she would "Blow you down". I was a geek, so I knew I would never get to first base. Anyway, she had the killer body and beautiful face. She was not a switch-hitter, but she did have the clap. Bummer, as that kind of took away some of the luster from her mystique.

Turns out, she gave the gift to a couple of guys in our school. One of whom, then gave it to his girlfriend. And all the guys who said they had "hit it" (some of whom were liars) now could not even get a handshake from the other girls in school. Which opened the door for losers like me.

There I was trying to get to first base, and half of the school was running over home plate with four-wheelers. You see, good things to come to those who wait :)

Chris, congratulations, you... (Below threshold)

Chris, congratulations, your patience was indeed rewarded!

You should contact the folks who produced "Napoleon Dynamite" and give them your story for inclusion in a sequel.

"Heck no, I don't want my wanger to fall off....GOSH"

I'm sorry but this just ins... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry but this just inspires a few more funny thoughts from me:

Debra, you've been a very very bad girl. I like bad girls.

Every teacher I had as a kid looked like some million year old mutant who lived next door to a nuclear plant. Kids sure have it good nowadays.

Not only do I like these photos, but little Paul approves of them as well.

Is this the very best feature ever posted on Wizbang or what? Jay Tea please take notice.

Photos suitable for wallet size use and abuse.

Thanks so much for inspiring the lusty laughs, Kevin. I sure needed this in my sad life after so many deaths in my family recently.

She can sexually abuse me a... (Below threshold)

She can sexually abuse me anytime she wishes, day or night!!

Kevin, we'll be looking for... (Below threshold)

Kevin, we'll be looking for a comparable piece on Helen Thomas.

"Kevin, we'll be looking... (Below threshold)

"Kevin, we'll be looking for a comparable piece on Helen Thomas."

Breaking News!!

Helen Thomas arrested for molesting a minor!!...AP reports 106 year old Helen Thomas was arrested wednesday afternoon for alledgedly having oral sex with a minor under 100..authorities were notified when the minors genitals became lodged between Thomas dentures.

Get the camera ready Kevin!!

well i think its totally un... (Below threshold)

well i think its totally unfair that she gets 3 years house arrest, and another female teacher.. jaymee wallace, get 3 years in jail. they did the same crime, other than jaymee did it with a female student. where is the justice? if they both did the exact thing, why are their sentences soooo different/ makes no sense to me






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