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The Mortal Sin

(Author's note: Several of the comments are time-stamped well before the actual article. I accidentally published it while I thought I was saving a draft, as I've done before.)

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: the single greatest offense, to liberals, is hypocrisy. Especially when it's on the other side.

I've run across the "Republican sex scandals" list far, far too many times, and it never fails to disgust me. There is absolutely no correlation between party affiliation and sex crimes and other forms of deviancy.

The idea, of course, is that the Republicans are the party of "family values," so any hint of any sort of sexual impropriety is horribly inappropriate.

The converse of this argument is rather entertaining, though: the Democrats are, apparently, expected to be depraved libertines, so for them it's "anything goes." We shouldn't expect anything better from them, so it's no big deal when they get caught with their pants down.

The "Republican sex offenders" dopiness got a fresh wash of credibility yesterday, when the Boston Globe published this particularly smarmy, gloating load of crap.

My first instinct is to come back with a laundry list of Democratic perverts. Hell, just recently an aide to Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) was busted arranging anal sex with a 13-year-old boy. (In an absolutely astounding and unprecedented turn of events, the child looking to have sex with adult man turned out to be an undercover cop. Who could have seen that coming?)

But that's not the right approach. Instead, I chose to look at some deeper factors on the matter. And I think I've found the distinction:


As a whole, Republicans feel it. When they get busted, they tend to feel it a lot, and act accordingly.

And if they don't, then their fellow Republicans take care of it for him (it's usually a him), and shun and turn on him.

A few examples: Larry Craig is a pariah. No one feels the slightest sympathy for Duke Cunningham. And Mark Foley is universally loathed.

On the other hand, Gerry Studds was not only forgiven his offenses against an underage page (taking him abroad, getting him liquored up, then sodomizing him in a country where the age of consent made it all legal). Barney Frank's significant other was a male prostitute who operated out of Frank's townhouse. Bill Clinton violated sexual-harassment standards and had an affair with an underling -- often in his office during business hours. New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey hired his secret gay lover for a high-profile Homeland Security job -- despite the fact that 1) the guy was utterly unqualified for the job and 2) wasn't even an American citizen. Ted Kennedy let a woman drown and covered it up for hours, then tried to concoct a story that did not make him out to be the utter scumbag he is.

It is no wonder that one of the most common epithets hurled at these men for their deeds is "shameless." They, indeed, have no shame. Studds was defiant at his censure. Frank has never admitted any wrongdoing with "Hot Bottom." Clinton... well, he's Clinton. McGreevey tried to defend himself by embracing his homosexuality -- "I am a gay American" -- and hoped that would immunize him from putting his boy-toy on the state payroll in a VERY important office for a six-figure salary. And Ted Kennedy... well, he's the role model Bill Clinton tries to emulate, but there's nothing like the original.

So, yeah, you can argue that Republican sex scandals are worse, because they usually involve hypocrisy. But I think it's fair enough to point out the implication that people just expect Democrats to do the same sort of things... they just don't expect any better, and the Democrats never promised to not be reprehensible, despicable scumbags after all.

I don't think that's really accurate, after all -- there are quite a few Democrats who are decent sorts, and I've regretted very few of the many times I've voted for Democrats -- but it is, after all, the logical extension of the "Republican sex offenders" argument.

I don't think those who so gleefully pass around those lists have fully thought through. But then, that's hardly an uncommon failing for them.


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Comments (27)

Jay..you go back decades fo... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Jay..you go back decades for a dem example..
It is not just the "hypocracy",
I am sure Dems push the same family values and are subject to the same gotcha when it appears.
It is not even about doing "it" (Whatever "it" is)

Larry Craig is small stuff. Rudi G. is a leading contender to a a nominee. Now it comes out that tax payers were footing the bill for travel expenses so he could have an affair while married.
Just like Clinton.
Of course as we are going back in time their is Newt's affair while his wife was doing Chemo.

Notice I almost did not mention Vitter or a certain Republican Congressman and his page e-mails.

It is all wrong..and not limited to either Party..

All of these are BS look at the shiny thing distractions so we don't pay attention to
what directly effects our lives.

P.S. Latest Paris Hilton/Obama sex tape is up on Limewire video

Umm...I guess if we are hol... (Below threshold)

Umm...I guess if we are holding the dEMS UP AS..(damn caps lock...)examples of raving libertines, then the Speaker herself is a NYPOCRITE. She has been married to only one person HER ENTIRE LIFE, and she has never had an EXTRA-MARITAL AFFAIR!

Shocking, ain't it?

Now excuse me as I have my illegal Georgian sex-slave check on the progress of chinese workers sewing thongs for Wal-mart...

Have you ever looked Nancy ... (Below threshold)

Have you ever looked Nancy Pelosi in the face? Some people are spared temptation.

That's the problem with spe... (Below threshold)

That's the problem with specified expectations. The extremists on the left allow the inhuman to go outside any moral guidelines, because it's "cool" and liberal. The extreme right, on the other hand, when missing that moral mark of perfection are not allowed to just be human. They get put through the ringer if they are not the moral "example".

the single greatest offe... (Below threshold)

the single greatest offense, to liberals, is hypocrisy.

Wow, Jay, you're doing really well these days. First you start out one post by Godwin'ing it right off the bat. And now you start this one with a strawman right in the very first sentence! How about pulling a perfect trifecta and telling us once again how you're an independent?

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the chuckle over the post that talks about how Republicans are deviants but at least they feel bad about it, how Republicans feel "shame" over being gay, and not to worry about the large numbers of deviant and criminal Republicans in the last few years because hey, if you go back enough decades, you can find almost the same number of Democrats too.

You look at Al Gore and his... (Below threshold)

You look at Al Gore and his jet, Biden and his racial remarks, the Clintons and family photo ops, Edwards and his palatial estate, ...

Democrats are thick with hypocrisies. The rules they are often promoting are for you and not them.

And the best way to defend against a fault in yourself is to point it out in other as often as possible. Hence the Democrats decry hypocrisy in Republicans at every opportunity. Its a defense mechanism.

Jay, most hard working demo... (Below threshold)

Jay, most hard working democrats (I am sure there are some) do not support deviancy. But in there symbolism to be "non judgemental" they dare not speak their mind. So, they are hypocrits or cowards. ww

I wouldn't be surprised to ... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

I wouldn't be surprised to find that the number of deviants would be fairly similar in both parties in recent years. It's just that, as Jay wrote, the Democrats are given more room for error.

From Jay Tea's linked "smar... (Below threshold)

From Jay Tea's linked "smarmy, gloating load of crap" titled:

"Vindication against homophobia"

I've had plenty of reason to gloat for the past 16 months or so. One high profile conservative after another seems to get caught with his pants down - either online (Mark Foley), on a madam's private phone log (David Vitter), or in a men's room (Craig).

But the author just couldn't resist in the end with this grand finale.

The latest polls rank Bill Clinton so far ahead of George Bush in competence and credibility, a majority might gladly allow the occasional Oval Office romp in return for eight years of peace, prosperity, and grammatically coherent press conferences

The same distributed talking point that was used then is still used now. As long as "OUR" guy is perceived "BY US" as doing a good job, then we'll over look the transgression because it's worth the price of maintaining this groovy vibe.

All the while the other guy on the opposing side of the political spectrum needs to go because things are not well with them there anyway.

I have a feeling this guy was massaging his nipples with one hand and typing with the other when he wrote this because obviously there was that little "extra" quivering glee within his editorial.

It's pretty simple, even fo... (Below threshold)

It's pretty simple, even for someone like you JT. Republicans continually make an issue of their moral superiority. Republicans wear it on their sleeves. Republicans campaign about it. Republicans quote the Bible about it. Republicans judge others about it. Republicans use gay marriage as a wedge issue. Hell your post is an example of it. (Oops I forgot, you're an independant libertarian - allegedly.)

When you set yourselves up as morally superior sex scandals get more attention than they deserve.

So please spare the faux outrage. Which, by the way, is second only to whining as Republican tool of distraction. Although it's in a close race with "shooting the messenger."

Waitaminute... the Democrat... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

Waitaminute... the Democrats are the party of political correctness. If that's not an act of moral superiority, then I guess I really don't know what one is.

It's pretty simple... (Below threshold)
It's pretty simple, even for someone like you JT. Republicans continually make an issue of their moral superiority......JFO

I didn't realize Democrats actually held the notion that their personal behavior would never be taken in to account while running for office. Or is it just the notion from the Democrat voting constituency that it doesn't matter because of all the peace and prosperity that always comes when Democrats are in charge.

Oh, and not one of the top tier Democrat candidates has come out in support gay marriage.

It must be their moral superiority keeping them from coming out and supporting it. That or homophobia, bigotry or maybe, just maybe pandering to the masses.

Which one could it be?

Maybe you should tell us since we would like to know too.

JFO is frankly a classic ex... (Below threshold)

JFO is frankly a classic example of the liberal side. They claim to have invented tolerance, yet do not accept it when it is not in line with their thinking. They claim to embrace free speech as long as it is liberal speak. The list goes on with their suposedly "superior" attitude of intellectualism that they cannot even see they have contradicted and will continue to do so. Republicans do not think they are morally superior, the observer may think that, which seems to be JFO's problem. He wishes he could be morally confident. ww

These "scandals" are... (Below threshold)

These "scandals" are like a random warm day being "evidence of Global Warming." They're always completely irrelevant and are a DemonicRAT effort to destroy all the good work the Republican Party. At least, Republicans always maintain dignity

You forgot the worst exampl... (Below threshold)

You forgot the worst example--Bill Clinton's rape of a political supporter in Arkansas.

He has something in common with Daniel Ortega--Ortega raped his step-daughter. Oh, and Chavez beat one or more of his 3 wives.

Leftists, gotta love 'em!

Dems always need a 2nd set ... (Below threshold)

Dems always need a 2nd set of rules.

They KNOW they'd deal from the botto of the deck if they were in charge, thus, they expect everyone else to. Look at how they refuse to go on Fox(even thought Fox has WAY more Dems on its shows, than the 5 other networks has GOPs on its shows combined), yet, clam up when CNN, etc clearly go way beyond what is normal, objective, and professional in its role as debate moderator.

Dems seldom police themselves, i.e. William Jefferson, unless, they see that policing themselves is the only way for them to hold onot the power they have, as in the Torricelli scandal several yrs ago. Of course, NJ dems even then broke the law by putting that corrupt fossil back onto the ballot.

"they just don't expect any... (Below threshold)

"they just don't expect any better, and the Democrats never promised to not be reprehensible, despicable scumbags after all."

Jay. You really can't be that obtuse.

Dems (generally) don't walk the public square
blowing their Pharisaical Trumpets of Virtue
based upon familial perogatives. Flies are naturally attracted to such degenerating flesh
and feast accordingly. What is it you don't get?

The funny thing is that I'm... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

The funny thing is that I'm confident that JFO has no clue that he pretty much proved Jay's point (as usual).

Dems (generall... (Below threshold)
Dems (generally) don't walk the public square blowing their Pharisaical Trumpets of Virtue based upon familial perogatives.

Translation: Dems don't preach family values.

Flies are naturally attracted to such degenerating flesh and feast accordingly.

Translation: Dee Dee Dee

What is it you don't get?

We get it. It's called a lefty "DUH" comment.

As an aside, does trying to... (Below threshold)

As an aside, does trying to set up a sexual encounter with a minor ever NOT turn out to be law enforcement. You'd think by now, with all the media exposure, people would stop trying to hook up with underage boys and girls for sex online? Are there still predators who think they are going to really meet that 15 year old and it's not going to be a cop?

Good grief.It's ti... (Below threshold)

Good grief.

It's tiring to read over and over the excuses
made to justify and/or cover up the wrong doing done by politicians.
This country crossed over the line of morality
long ago.
We the people have allowed this through
apathy, ignorance, laziness, and, well I could
keep on listing the negatives.
It seems the majority of people are no longer concerned with values such as loyalty and honesty.
From the view of this poster, many refuse
to own the consequences of their actions.
Including posters who come here to accuse,
criticize, to pointing fingers at others
wrong doing. Tiring , very tiring and a
waste of time.

de·bate /dɪˈbeɪt/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[di-beyt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, verb, -bat·ed, -bat·ing.
1. a discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints: a debate in the Senate on farm price supports.
2. a formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers.
3. deliberation; consideration.
4. Archaic. strife; contention.
-verb (used without object)
5. to engage in argument or discussion, as in a legislative or public assembly: When we left, the men were still debating.
6. to participate in a formal debate.
7. to deliberate; consider: I debated with myself whether to tell them the truth or not.
8. Obsolete. to fight; quarrel.
-verb (used with object)
9. to argue or discuss (a question, issue, or the like), as in a legislative or public assembly: They debated the matter of free will.
10. to dispute or disagree about: The homeowners debated the value of a road on the island.
11. to engage in formal argumentation or disputation with (another person, group, etc.): Jones will debate Smith. Harvard will debate Princeton.
12. to deliberate upon; consider: He debated his decision in the matter.
13. Archaic. to contend for or over.
[Origin: 1250-1300; (v.) ME debaten

Since Democrats don't preac... (Below threshold)

Since Democrats don't preach "family values", they can molest minors without being condemned.

Boy, I'm sure happy Semanticleo explained that one to me.

As Bunyan pointed out, the ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

As Bunyan pointed out, the liberal posters here have proven Jay 's point. Basically they admit that the dem party is a shameless party. That 's why the liberals won't have any qualms supporting the shameless/no-value dems even it means selling out the country.

Dems (generally) don't w... (Below threshold)

Dems (generally) don't walk the public square blowing their Pharisaical Trumpets of Virtue
Is "Pharisaical Trumpets of Virtue" code for Bill Clinton?

BAD actions and disgusting ... (Below threshold)

BAD actions and disgusting things happen on BOTH sides of the isle.

The DIFFERENCE is Republicans run and represent a platform of character, values, and principles---The Democrats run on the platform of Caligula.

When a Republican does wrong, EVERYONE Republicans AND Democrats scream and point it out. Republicans scream about the actual disgust of the violation, the Democrats scream to wave the hypocrisy flag.
When a Democrat does wrong, Republicans scream about the actual disgust of the violation.
Democrats then sound dumbfounded and say (WHAT?
WE never ran on a platform of VALUES...)

As an aside, does trying... (Below threshold)

As an aside, does trying to set up a sexual encounter with a minor ever NOT turn out to be law enforcement.

Reminds me of a saying I saw quite a while back, "Internet chat rooms; where the men are men, so are most of the women, and the minors are undercover cops."

Insofar as you're an "indep... (Below threshold)

Insofar as you're an "independent libertarian", Jay Tea, you should probably start expressing some moral outrage at Giuliani using taxpayers' money to taxi around his mistress.

I'd never call Giuliani a hypocrite because he's never made any pretense toward decency or tact.






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