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Tuesday's Immigration News

It was a busy day on the immigration front:

-- Immigration fugitive arrests double

Federal agents who track down fugitives on immigration charges arrested more than 30,000 people nationally in fiscal year 2007, nearly double the previous year's total.

Go figure.

Here's a link to the official report from ICE.

As they say, read 'em both.

-- Romney fires his landscapers for using illegal immigrants

Oh, man.

That guy must be drain bramaged not to have nipped that issue in the bud, er, mowed down that issue, um, you know, handled that issue previously.

-- New Requirements for Returning Travelers and New Visitors

Read that entire piece.


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Comments (3)

Romney really fouled up - a... (Below threshold)

Romney really fouled up - after the illegals employed by his landscaper first came to public attention, he demanded the guy not employ any more (perhaps, at least not to work on HIS yard) and the guy agreed, but reneged.

The real problem is that this gives Giuliani's "sanctuary mansion" jibe some legs, just as it seemed to have backfired on the Mayor. Very bad timing.

To keep it all in perspective, of course, I should note that Mike Huckabee had no idea what the NIE report on Iran's nukes said tonight at an on-the-record dinner with reporters. No clue - hadn't heard a thing.

So, what's more important?

Concerning the ICE arrestin... (Below threshold)

Concerning the ICE arresting 30,000 illegals - oops, my bad - undocumented workers:

It is important to consider that there were 5,000 agents employed by the ICE Office of Detention and Removal, the group responsible for immigration enforcement. Think about that for a minute. 30,000 arrests is a huge increase, but that translates into an average of six (6) arrests per agent per year! I could go down to the local moving company or food processing plant, and I could probably make six arrests in a day. And then what? Can I take the rest of the year off?

Even worse, 1,000 of these agents were transferred to customs enforcement on August 29.

IMHO these increased numbers were caused by the jump in enforcement that was staged during the immigration reform debate (Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007). Once that effort failed (late June 2007), the ICE dropped back to business-as-usual.

I forgotten who said it, but it's so true: "It is impossible to be too cynical about this."

This could turn thorney. I ... (Below threshold)

This could turn thorney. I think those illegal workers were Rudy plants.

/no not really






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