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The latest on Politics

With less than a month remaining before the first votes are cast for President in 2008, these are the most recent posts on the Politics page - which you can also reach with the tab at the top of this page:

McCain wins key New Hampshire newspaper endorsement
. . . written off as "dead in the water" only a few months ago, John McCain just won't go away . . .

Huckabee ducks creationism question . . . Was that a "yes" or a "no" there, Mike? . . .

Edwards not dead yet in Iowa . . . because Great Hair is never out of the running . . .

Maria Cantwell aide arrested in sex sting, fired . . . a Democratic staffer gets young-maled . . .

Hawaii governor speaks out on aide's blackmail case . . . and a Republican staffer gets blackmailed . . .

Hillary attacks Obama's kindergarten record . . . naked ambition, exacerbated by a peanut butter addiction and allegations of inappropriate finger-painting . . .

Huckabee leading Iowa in 2 major polls . . . What the Huck is going on here? . . .

. . . and more, as events warrant and time permits . . .


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