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How are Redacted and Plan 9 From Outer Space Similar?

Just ask Pat Dollard.

Hat tip: Hot Air.


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I don't know if you could h... (Below threshold)

I don't know if you could honestly compare the two films because of important key differences, but PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE remains one of my favorite films of all time because it was so enjoyably bad. It contained at least 88 continuity or technical problems that were laughably bad. The script and actors were horrid. The sets and special effects were awful, such as a shower curtain draped over a doorway that was supposed to be the cabin of a passenger airliner, or cardboard tombstones that freely flopped around as the actors walked by, or the flying saucers which looked like Hudson hupcaps on strings. Add to this the untimely death of Bela Lugosi, whose role was played by his wife's chiropractor in much of the film, and you have an entire textbook on how not to make a film. But the result is so laughable, that PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE actually rates as a great enjoyable film in my book. Ed Wood was the worst possible filmmaker.

A newly colorized DVD version of PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE is now available and certainly worth giving as a holiday gift to that film fan in your family as a gift this holiday season. PLAN NINE is like the CITIZEN KANE of bad films.

I certainly enjoy any discussion of PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE and really enjoyed that this great awful film was mentioned here, Kim.

Just ask <a href="http://im... (Below threshold)

Just ask Ron Silver!

Just ask Sidney J. Furie!

Just ask Michael Wilson!

Just ask Alan Peterson!

Just ask John Wayne!

P9FOS enjoys true ... (Below threshold)

P9FOS enjoys true cult status because it was deliciously bad: bad acting, bad production, bad sets, bad editing - pretty much anything which could be done badly WAS done badly, which makes the film absolutely hilarious to watch.

I haven't seen Redacted, but unlike John Belushi on the old SNL, I won't refuse comment on it. I expect De Palma spared little expense, had great production, excellent direction and editing - and yet, it tanks. We can understand how a poorly-produced film can fail at the box office, even to the extent of becoming a classic of bad cinema. How does a well-produced film which won critical acclaim manage to do so poorly?

By insulting the intelligence - nay, the very existence - of its audience. Being a leftist idiot, De Palma would have been happy to take the financial loss had his film conveyed his "message" of anti-American lies to a wide audience. That he failed even at that, after having won the fawning admiration of America-hating film critics worldwide, can only be described as the kids today would: Sweet!

P9FOS is very different, pe... (Below threshold)

P9FOS is very different, people will still be watching it decades from now. Redacted, not so much. I've seen it, it makes Gigli look like a cinematic masterpiece.

The film failed because peo... (Below threshold)

The film failed because people want to go to the movies to be entertained. Not lectured or put down. Because of the internet and talk radio, the studio's can't sell us a package that on it's face would look good but when studied, falls flat. Soldiers terrorizing, raping and killing a family is what they think we want for entertainment. ww

There is a significant diff... (Below threshold)
Hermie Author Profile Page:

There is a significant difference between the two.

Ed Wood was someone who made the film because he loved movies and wanted so much to be part of them. See Tim Burton's 'Ed Wood'. It showed a man devoid of talent, but who truly loved his work and remained enthusiastic and positive even though he made really bad films.

Then look at DePalma, who made a very bad film, but who did it for political reasons. There was no love for the work, but instead, it was a desire to bring down the Bush Administration.

You have a talentless director who produces a film out of love for the medium, and you have a talented director who produces a film out of hate of an individual.

I'd say that 20 years from now people will still remember 'Plan Nine From Outer Space' with affection, and 'Redacted' will be forgotten and just a footnote in Depalma's filmography.

"How are Redact... (Below threshold)
"How are Redacted and Plan 9 From Outer Space Similar?"
Neither one has ever been in my kitchen...?
Have you ever seen PLAN 9 F... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Have you ever seen PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE? the airliner with the shower curtin in the cockpit the word THERE is used four times in one scein the person who uses a gun in a unsafe manner the stand in for BELLA LAGOSI holding the cape up over his eyes the sudden change from day to night as a car speeds down a road and the cardboard headstone

Somebody's never seen <a hr... (Below threshold)

Somebody's never seen Manos, I guess.

Manos: The Hands of Fate</p... (Below threshold)

Manos: The Hands of Fate

Who wouldn't love Torg?

In reality, it is entirely ... (Below threshold)

In reality, it is entirely possible to write a great antiwar film. THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL won the Golden Globe Award in 1951, and is considered to be a four star excellent film. It has a strong antiwar message. MASH and APPOCALYSE NOW are also two more critically acclaimed antiwar films, both considered to be four star excellent films among most critics. So the mere use of an antiwar message should not be construed to mean that a film is bad, only in this one case. ROBOT MONSTER hoped to make an antiwar statement, but this film miserably failed and is also considered one of the worst films like PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE as well.

Excatly Hooson.What ... (Below threshold)

Excatly Hooson.
What sets those films apart from Redacted is the hatred and contempt that drips off the screen.






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