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'tis the season for Politics

With only 24 vote-getting days left before the Iowa Caucuses, the most recent topics and gift ideas at Wizbang Politics are also available via the tab at the top of this page, and shipping is always free:

Romney's abortion "conversion" questioned . . . He said it came during the stem cell debate - but look what he signed into law later . . .

Huckabee's pardon woes may just be beginning . . . a whole lotta pardoning goin' on . . .

How to pass a stem cell research bill? Congressman Robert Wexler says indict VP Cheney . . . because, of course, Cheney is the source of all evil, even though the bill is already obsolete . . .

McCain rebuts Romney charges
. . . "He's a real nice guy for a lying asshole" . . . (sorry, that's the Addison interpretation of the soft and gentle rebuke McCain offers) . . .

'Oprahpalooza' in SC . . . the Queen of Talk speaks for the Harbinger of Hope . . .

Huckabee leads Michigan poll, too . . . can a Huckapalooza be far off? . . .

Huckabee called homosexuality 'sinful' . . . what's a Baptist preacher to do? If you can't call homosexuality a sin, how can you ever stop the dancing and card-playing? . . .

And more, as events warrant . . . and, while supplies last, FREE gift-wrapping with every purchase!


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In the 1950's or 60's, main... (Below threshold)

In the 1950's or 60's, mainstream Republicans like a John McCain, Mitt Romney or Rudolph Giuliani would certainly be able to win the GOP nomination. But with the huge rise of the Christian right as perhaps the strongest force within the Republican Party, it boosts the candidacy of someone like a Mike Huckabee, a former staffer to televangelist James Robison, who may not be really acceptable to the broad majority of all 2008 general election voters. And the Democrats have their own internal primary election problems where the strongest candidate may not emerge over there as well.

In the 1950's o... (Below threshold)
In the 1950's or 60's, mainstream Republicans like a John McCain, Mitt Romney or Rudolph Giuliani would certainly be able to win the GOP nomination.
It's worth pointing out that two of the three presidential elections in the 1960s featured a Republican whom Paul lauds in another thread as the kind of mainstream Republican we sadly couldn't nominate today: Richard Nixon.

I will say this, though: at least Paul honestly evaluates Huckabee -- unlike the DNC which seems to regard him as their dream opponent.

Too often..(moonbat that I ... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Too often..(moonbat that I am) I have wondered about the lack of Wizbang criticism concerning Republican Candidates....thank you for this...
I have no problem eating crow...but it should be with a fine sauce...
My moonbat spin for the night?

Well, nogo, Wizbang IS a co... (Below threshold)

Well, nogo, Wizbang IS a conservative site. One will tend to see less criticism of Republicans and more of Democrats at such places, and the reverse at liberal or Democratic sites.

We do host the Blue Boys, where moonbattery rages 24/7, and our latest editor over at Politics is Bill "The Florida Masochist" Jempty, a moderate Democrat who has never been shy about criticizing Republicans.

How many sites on the left host contrary contributors, or even permit conservative dissent in comments?

Alternatively, you can start your own blog and run it exactly as you think a blog should be run.






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