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2007 Business Review -- Borders, Inc.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection had a busy year.

There were several major and ongoing initiatives in 2007 involving Customs and Border Protection, one of which -- Secure Freight -- has a direct impact on import/export businesses. The Secure Freight program partners up domestic and foreign ports of call with cutting-edge technologies for the purpose of NBC screening of cargo containers and shipping. "NBC" stands for nuclear, biological and chemical.

This is being done to try to help prevent, you know, terrorists from smuggling into the country nefarious materials. To try to help prevent you and your family from suffering grisly deaths.

Here's a link to additional info about the Secure Freight program. For obvious reasons these sorts of items don't get reported, much less featured, on NPR or CNN, in big-city newsrags, on the evening network news broadcasts, on conservative talk radio, or in Time and Newsweek.

Border Fence

As of December 2007 the Department of Homeland Security had completed roughly 285 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border. Construction is ongoing. In 2006 the GOP Congress enacted legislation calling for a grand total of 700 miles of fencing. The appropriations bill under which the fence is being constructed also was passed in 2006.

Here's a link to the latest news about the border fence. Read it all.

In the fall the local Pravda-media in Southern California breathlessly reported the government in part was using Chinese steel in constructing the fence. Well, duh. We want the feds to save public money when it can, don't we? Why shouldn't they use less-costly steel as part of a major taxpayer-funded project? Oh, well, no good deed goes unpunished.


The Department of Justice in 2007 completed several hundred successful prosecutions of immigration law violations, from garden-variety charges to major prosecutions of business owners and those who facilitate illegal immigration, e.g., document frauds, payroll tax violators, crooked immigration attorneys and smugglers of illegal aliens.

Here's a link to a recent set of guilty pleas in an immigration case that fits the typical framework of prosecutions of business owners. Dozens of cases along those lines are filed or finished each month. For obvious reasons, however, those items don't get reported by major media outlets. Nor for that matter do they have much chance of appearing on the radar screens of the major alternative media forums.


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2007 conducted 17 major jobsite enforcement raids. Those raids led directly to scores of indictments of business owners and thousands of summary deportations. You can obtain most of the details by scrolling around this Webpage.


The Department of Homeland Security in 2007 implemented its US-Visit program.

US-Visit makes use of cutting-edge biometric technologies to document new foreign visitors. The purpose is to weed out the next Mohammed Atta. Here's a link to a Webpage from which you can obtain additional info.

Raising Arizona

Arizona's GOP state legislature in 2007 enacted a brass-knuckled anti-illegal immigrant law.

The law prohibits employers from hiring illegal immigrants and provides for harsh civil sanctions. A motley crew of liberal special interest groups and state and local chambers of commerce sued to block the law. The motivation for the leftist groups is obvious. The motivation for the business trade groups also should be obvious -- high out-of-pocket costs of compliance. Business politics make for strange bedfellows, no?

In December U.S. District Judge Neil Wake -- nominated by President Bush in 2003 -- denied the sought-after injunction, thereby leaving that law on the books. The very next business day the plaintiffs filed another lawsuit challenging the law. You've got to hand it to those plaintiffs in one respect: they're persistent.


DHS in 2007 beefed up its e-Verify system. That's a national database that allows participating employers -- of which there are roughly 25,000 -- instantly to check the immigration status of workers in their employ or of potential hires. Biometric technologies have been added to the system, thereby to help root out the negative effects of document fraud.

Here's a link to additional info about the e-Verify program.

New Passport/Visitor/Re-Entry Rules

DHS in 2007 also implemented new rules concerning passports, visitors and re-entry of U.S. citizens from foreign travel.

For the first time Canadian citizens must show specified, government-issued IDs at border crossings. U.S. citizens returning from abroad no longer can pass through customs merely by declaring their citizenship. They must prove it. Required passports have been beefed up. Here's a link to salient info.

Other Informative Links

-- Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Review
-- Keynote Speech and Q&A with DHS Secretary Chertoff (11/07)


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Everything's Coming Up B... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Everything's Coming Up Bush's
From Iraq to taxes, a bedraggled Bush is blooming.
(h/t Instapundit)

Everything's Coming Up Bush's
From Iraq to taxes, a bedraggled Bush is blooming. Not that anyone would notice. Almost anyone. Former Bush-Cheney minion Ron Christie at The Hill:

On the domestic front, the tax cuts the president pushed through the Congress have led to remarkable economic growth, low unemployment and record-high tax receipts that members of Congress can hardly wait to spend. New data released last week showed that America added 94,000 jobs in November 2007 -- capping a remarkable 51 straight months in which jobs have been created in our economy. Despite partisan claims that the economy is soft, more than 8.3 million jobs have been created since August 2003 and unemployment remains low (4.7 percent). America remains open for business.

More Americans have more money in their savings accounts and in their wallets as a result of the Bush tax cuts. Despite talk on Capitol Hill of rolling back the president's tax cuts that "benefit only the wealthy" Democrats have been loath to pass legislation and return to their districts to explain why raising taxes and eliminating the popular $500 per child tax credit is good public policy. Not going to happen anytime soon.


Absent from media coverage of late is the fact that the central government of Iraq has reached its 2007 budget revenue target of $30.2 billion. This figure is derived from oil revenues -- revenues of which the Democrats have criticized the Iraqis and President Bush for not capturing to fund the cost of the new government in Baghdad. This criticism now rings hollow.


Political stability long thought to be an elusive dream is becoming a daily reality across Iraq. From the surge in Iraq, vindication with his stem cell position and strong economic development on the home front, President George W. Bush has hit his stride and is surging rather than limping into his last year in office. For those who have counted him out, the president remains resolute, perhaps comfortable in the knowledge that history, rather than bitter partisans in Washington, will favorably reflect on his two terms in office for waging an effective war against terrorism while demonstrating capable stewardship and remarkable domestic accomplishments during a time of war.

Fight illegal immigration. ... (Below threshold)

Fight illegal immigration. Contact your elected reps. and demand they co-sponsor the Save Act. The House bill is HR 4088. The Senate bill is S2368.

Visit NumbersUSA for more details.- http://www.numbersusa.com/actionbuffet

Only vote for candidates willing to support this bill. It forces all employers to verify social security numbers.

Let's take our country back !






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