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Be Sure To Have Your Grandparents Spayed Or Neutered

Today is Bob Barker's 84th birthday.

As a way to properly commemorate the occasion, I recommend having some Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat.


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Drew Carey is actually doin... (Below threshold)

Drew Carey is actually doing a pretty good job as the new PRICE IS RIGHT host. The former U.S. Marine turned comic, is having a lot of fun, and often has a good goofy laugh at some silly contestant. No one can really replace Bob Barker, but Drew Carey is doing a fine job, and seems popular with the audience. Interestingly, both Bob Barker and Drew Carey tend to lean both conservative and Republican in their personal politics, although Drew Carey is a more libertarian type conservative.

JEOPARDY host, Alex Trebek, had a mild heart attack and is currently in the hospital.

"I'll take heart trouble for a hundred, Alex"(I can joke about this because I've had my own past severe problems with serious angina and heart trouble myself. But this greatly improved with my all vegan diet, grape juice and past use of heart medications).

My Grandparents are well pa... (Below threshold)

My Grandparents are well past needing to be spayed or neutered. However, I did have them tatooed, "If found, please return to ..."

I hope, when I'm his age (w... (Below threshold)

I hope, when I'm his age (well, first of all I hope I get there), that I can at least remember the name of young lady standing in front of the next item up for bids.

For Bob Barker, Happy Birthday, and may you not get your Lovely Parting Gifts for a long time!

PLUS - Happy Birthday to my sister, Pat!






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