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Tax Hikes

The House on Wednesday for the second time in 7 days passed a de facto tax hike under the guise of fixing the Alternative Minimum Tax:

226 / 229 - 99% - Democrats in favor of de facto tax hike
0 / 190 - 0% - Republicans in favor of de facto tax hike

3 / 229 - 1% - Democrats opposed to de facto tax hike
190 / 190 - 100% - Republicans opposed to de facto tax hike

Obviously that bill has no chance of escaping an override-proof veto under the current administration.

Nanny State Banking + Real Estate Laws

A House Committee on Wednesday cleared a ghastly nanny state mortgage loan and bankruptcy law bill:

100% - 16 / 16 - Democrats in favor
6% - 1 / 16 - Republicans in favor

0% - 0 / 16 - Democrats opposed
94% - 15 / 16 - Republicans opposed

That bill in essence would give borrowers and bankruptcy judges retroactive veto power over private mortgage loan contracts.

Obviously there's not a chance of that bill or anything along those lines escaping a guaranteed and override-proof veto by Bush 43.

Nanny State Heathcare

Here's a link to the actual text of the president's veto message from Wednesday regarding the Democrats' latest attempt to enact that socialized medicine healthcare bill. For obvious reasons Pravda-media's reporting was so biased and agenda-driven as to be utterly useless.

* * *
Incidentally, keep in mind as you digest the machinations of Congress that several *million* conservatives are going to stay home and not vote next November. Surreal, huh?

Fortunately Hillary is to electability what Kitty Dukakis was to sobriety.


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Comments (5)

Rather than castigate conse... (Below threshold)

Rather than castigate conservatives from potentially staying home during the next elections, you should be pointing out where the problem lies. The candidates. Of the list of socialist issues you listed in your article - tax hikes in guise of AMT fix, nanny-state banking, and nanny-state healthcare - do you think the present front-runners, Romney and Huckabee, will not sign all of these with enthusiasm? What is the difference between these two and Hillary?

Nanny government is now a ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Nanny government is now a favorite theme of Giuliani. People can't rely on "nanny government"...Thus is from a mayor who had the cops walk his mistress's dog.

As far as the Republican se... (Below threshold)
scott douglas:

As far as the Republican senators voting down the new energy bill because the president doesn't like it:
When will this country wake up to the disastrous effects lobbyists have on our country? ie. protect the big oil companies at any cost?

Two of the first three comm... (Below threshold)

Two of the first three comment try to make a supid point. Republicans protecting the oil industry, how, by blocking all drilling activity and construction of refinery's because the president wants it? That is the most stupid statement in history. Well someone needs to read history or just look at the present. President Bush's company supplied 'drilling equipment', so everything the left wing and other dummies accuse him of are the exact opposite of the truth. Don't you call that a lie?
Everyone needs to wake up and smell the fresh winter air. President Bush has one year left and can't run again. Time to find another whipping boy, or girl. Try someone that is really anti-american/anti-progress in every action/statement and will get millions of Americans killed. Shrillary, Algorbage, and B Hussein Obama fit the bill. Add the fact that congress is now a snake without a head and you can figure out the problem. We don't need to wait for the 08 election, we need a redo of the 06 election. It's not wonder the democrats are against the boy scouts, they couldn't lead a 3 member troop.

Don't worry if Hillary is e... (Below threshold)

Don't worry if Hillary is elected you can count on her to favor the big money causes we all love to hear about.






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