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Midweek Round Up

On a side Note: Watching the Iowa Republican Debate on CNN.

Edit: Whoa! I wasn't expecting Alan Keyes to be in the debate.

Over the next 14 days my blogosphere round up will be random at best. It's Christmas Shopping time and the customers are getting a bit frantic and snippy. I suspect it will only get worse from here on out. I also suspect my hours will get more erratic from here on out.

This first story is of interest to me because it involves my employer.

  • Here We Go Again Allegedly Sears/KMart does round two with "Holiday" Trees. Many of you know I work for KMart so this article definitely caught my attention. I made a point to go through the store tonight and count how many signs we had with the word Christmas. We have twelve Christmas trees with the words Christmas Tree on them. A well duh factor, but then, maybe not everyone knows the difference in a Christmas tree, family tree, or holiday tree? I can safely say there are no family/holiday trees in the store. We have Christmas cards (too many to count sorry). We have midway toppers, I lost count at 18 due to customer distractions, that say Everyone Celebrate in large letters, then in smaller letters Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad. There are 4 huge overhead banners that also say Everyone Celebrate, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad. Add in hundreds of items throughout the store with the words Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and Christmas on them. Our weekly ads and daily in store ads say Merry Christmas. On big sales days the employess have been wearing Santa hats Santa Claus has been in our store several times. And someone wants to say KMart is dissing Christians in favor of 'other' religions? I beg to differ.

  • Hoodwinked The Brits say Iran fooled the CIA. Is anyone surprised by this? (Via Lucianne)

  • Hoodwinked Take 2 The Wall Street Journal covers the story too. Iran resumed their nuclear weapons program in 2004. In a new location. Of course. (Via WSJ)

  • Immigration Stances See a side by side comparison of your favorite candidates stances on immigration. It gives both Democrat and Republican stances.

  • Take off the gloves already William Kristol at the Weekly Standard feels Thompson and McCain should go presidential in the debate today. Can one of them pull off an upset by refusing to pander and to squabble, by refusing to stoop to (try to) conquer?
    (Via Campaign Standard)

  • Hijab The Religion of Peace. Again. 16 year old girl dies after her father chokes her. Why? She refused to wear a hijab. (Via National Post)

  • Scotsman Half of Scots see muslims as a cultural threat (Via Lucianne)

  • Vegas School Bus Shooting School Bus Shooting in Las Vegas 6 wounded. Three teens arrested. (Via Yahoo News)

  • Dirty Harriet Second Amendment: As the Supreme Court ponders what the Constitution means, a volunteer security guard in Colorado shows that the problem with society may not be who has guns, but who doesn't. (Via IBD)

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    Immigration most important ... (Below threshold)
    nogo war:

    Immigration most important to you? It is clear Beck believes Tancredo should get your vote in the Primary.

    "I wasn't expecting Alan Ke... (Below threshold)

    "I wasn't expecting Alan Keyes to be in the debate."

    Who invited him? His insanity is always entertaining, but with so little time until the caucus they really should have limited the debate field to the top four or five candidates which would allow for more back and forth.

    Merry Christmas.. note this... (Below threshold)
    nogo war:

    Merry Christmas.. note this link is valid and as the same Paper is linked under hoodwinked

    The NYT reports lies, apolo... (Below threshold)

    The NYT reports lies, apologizes, then re-reports the same lies.

    In regard to the "Christmas... (Below threshold)

    In regard to the "Christmas" holiday. My husband told me this morning that he has recently recieved numerous company emails announcing that the company happily recognizes Channukah, Kwanza, etc. He's still waiting for the one that mentions Christmas.

    I haven't been in any stores yet to shop for Christmas. I'm really, really dreading it. But when I do, I'll report the results. :)






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