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Australian Senator comes 'clean' on pole incident

The incident happened in St. Petersburg Russia in 1998. From the Herald Sun-

NATIONALS deputy leader Nigel Scullion had some advice to anyone found tied to a pole in their undies in a nightclub in St Petersburg - make sure you wear clean underwear.

Senator Scullion has won the backing of his conservative colleagues after confirming he had spent a wild night in Russia a decade ago.

The Northern Territory senator broke his silence yesterday on a 1998 visit to a St Petersburg nightclub, declaring he had no regrets -- despite being stripped to his underpants and handcuffed to a pole.

"We had a lovely night. It's unfortunate people would see that as bad," Senator Scullion said.

"This was 10 years ago and I was a fisherman.

"Everybody has a colourful past, I think most Territorians do. That's just part of that."

In September 1998, Senator Scullion was the head of an Australian fishing delegation to the former Russian capital.

Yesterday, he described the visit as a big night out with "lunatic fishermen from Newfoundland".

And he had some advice to anyone found in a similarly uncompromising position -- make sure you wear clean underwear.

Great advice. You got to admire the Senator, no excuses, no trips to some obscure place for treatment. Why can't American politicians air their dirty laundry this way?

On second thought..........


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Well then, I'm sure it's on... (Below threshold)

Well then, I'm sure it's only me that finds this event odd and highly questionable for a government official. Sooo...I wonder who they "borrowed" the handcuffs from?

Scullion is Australian for ... (Below threshold)

Scullion is Australian for Kennedy. ww

Not dirty laundry... clean.... (Below threshold)

Not dirty laundry... clean. Clean laundry. Because otherwise it would be embarrassing.

The fellow wasn't a governm... (Below threshold)

The fellow wasn't a government official at the time of the, er, "incident."

It's still right up there with the "most embarrassing moments you wished never became public knowledge." Stalwart of him to own up to it, but what was he going to do, deny it?

"I met a German girl in England
Who was going to school in France,
She said we did the Mississippi
At a Alpha Kappa dance,

It wasn't me
No, no, child, it wasn't me,
It musta been some-other-body,
No, no, babe, it wasn't me"

"...not a government offici... (Below threshold)

"...not a government official at the time...". Okie dokie, then. But he was head of a lunatic fishermens delegation, thus he was an "official" something or other...sort of. Is that like a football coach getting ice and gatorade poured over his head, only in his underwear?

American society is far too... (Below threshold)
Larry C:

American society is far too self-righteous and uptight to allow that kind of openness from our politicians. Just ask WildWillie. I wonder exactly how wild Willie really is. Regardless, he better keep it to himself if he ever wants to hold public office.

It's real simple why our el... (Below threshold)

It's real simple why our elected critters can't/wont explain their dirty deeds. You have a whole bunch of closet queens, having sex with a person who is not your wife/husband. Drunk driving and homicide, etc. The list can go on and on. Its both parties, not just the GOP or the DEMOS.

Take it any way you want to, but it's the truth. That is not counting corruption, greed, etc. I'm sure we have all done something in the past that is not quite good. However, how many of us will admit it?

I have made mistakes, and sure don't want that brought to light, however if asked, I won't lie about it like our elected critters do. But then, I'm not running for public office.

How many have committed adultery? Some of our most outspoken politicians, some running for our next Presidency, and people think it is OK. Well, do you care? If a person can cheat on their spouse, are they going to cheat the American people? Just something to think about.

Did you notice in the artic... (Below threshold)
Jim H:

Did you notice in the article where it says "St Petersburg, the former Russian Capital"

Former Russian Capital??!! yeah in like 1700 till 1917 or something!

Journalists are such clowns.

St. Petersburg was the Russ... (Below threshold)

St. Petersburg was the Russian capitol for all but 4 years from 1712-1918. What's wrong with a journalist showing off his knowledge of history.

It is far better than some golf writer working for a Japanese publication totally forgetting Ayako Okamoto when talking Japanese born golfers playing in the USA(Jason Coskrey's reporting could be compared to a baseball writer forgetting Babe Ruth when talking great homerun hitters)


A journalist/blogger who won't correct a small mistake(when criticizing another publication for its mistakes) when called on it, while also not giving proper credit to a source. Too bad I didn't have Wizbang privieleges back then, for few people got to see the real side of this member of the MSM. Michael Goldfard of The Weekly Standard is one of the slimiest people in the MSM I've had the dishonor of emailing with.






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