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Michael Vick: Star Athlete, Dog Killer, Now Selfish Whiner

As a preface to this article, I need to say that I am a strong dog-lover. While I have never believed that animals enjoyed the same sort of rights as humans, I was brought up to believe and always shall believe that anyone who has care of an animal is responsible for that animal's well-being, and deliberate cruelty against an animal is not far removed from deliberate cruelty against a child. That is not just my opinion, but has been amply substantiated by psychiatrists. It is a plain fact that child abusers often start by torturing and killing animals, especially dogs.

So, as far as I am concerned Micheal Vick has established that he is a violent criminal who should not only be in prison, but when he is released he needs to watched carefully by the police for the rest of his life.

I had not planned to write any more on Mister Vick, now that he has been properly sent to prison for his crimes, but CNN did a public service by producing copies of letters sent by Vick to Judge Henry E. Hudson.

I wanted to give Vick the benefit of the doubt, since I know how the press can be, and that he did the right thing by surrendering to authorities without delay. But these letters show a Michael Vick who remains contemptible. The following are selected statements by Vick, and my gut response to them:

"I'm a very humble, soft spoken, and caring guy. Also kinda shy"

Apparently, it never occurred to Michael that really humble people do not brag about their humility, that caring guys don't kill animals for not being vicious enough, and that that sending letters to a judge trying to influence their prison sentence runs hard against shyness as a character trait.

"I have accepted responsibility for my actions"

I think not, Mr. Vick. Your entire letter was about what you wanted and why you thought you should not have to pay for your crimes. You cannot say you have accepted responsibility, until you pay your debt. And that time, sir, is a long long time off.

"It hurts deeply because jail is no place for me and its hard for me to adjust in here, knowing that I've left my family behind."

Translation - damn, I never thought you would actually make me serve my sentence!

"I apologize for the failed drug test"

That was incredibly stupid, Mr. Vick. Finally arrested after years of running a ring of gamblers, dog killers, and drug traffic, you should have understood that getting wasted in that crucial time where the judge would be weighing your demonstrated character was incredibly foolish. I have no doubt you are sorry, but wonder if you understand just how very far from the course you have strayed?

"I pray for a second chance to be back with my family"

Sadly, that's part of the sentence, Mr. Vick. There are many, many convicted felons who share the same wish that you do. But when you get that chance, it must come only after you pay something of your debt. You cannot buy or charm your way out of this mess, and you have no one but yourself to blame for it.

I do not wish Michael Vick ill, but he needs to - finally - understand that he did not 'make a mistake', he committed a series of crimes, for which his price is still far less than many other young men must pay in the same condition. The letters make apparent that Vick has still not accepted the fact of his guilt, or the damage he caused not only to animals, but also his family, team, city, and even his own future.


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And I would add that the "F... (Below threshold)

And I would add that the "Free Mike Vick" crowd is only encouraging this type of attitude from him.

The most pathetic thing are... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:

The most pathetic thing are the excuses being provided for Vick by various people. Something along the lines of "Oh, I don't believe in dog fighting, but there are places in the south where it's a cultural tradition. They don't really see why it's so wrong, so why are we holding them responsible?".

That, of course is *precisely why we have laws, policemen, and jails* - to protect the rest of society from people with a different opinions about what is right and what is wrong.

It's perfectly clear, from the whining quoted above, that Vick STILL doesn't see why he is being put in jail, and or has any notion why what he did was wrong. I can't think of a better reason to toss him in jail.

Considering this was an ong... (Below threshold)

Considering this was an ongoing, multi-state operation in which dogs were bred, raised, trained, and sold, fights were organized, sponsored, and staged, illegal gambling was financed, and illegal drug use and trafficking was a usual part, he got off extremely easy.

Sure, there are still state charges pending in Virginia and Georgia and perhaps elsewhere, but the likelihood is that Vick will serve any additional sentences concurrently with his federal time.

He should be counting his blessings instead of whining about his woes. Even if federal prison isn't a country club, he's better off than the dogs he tortured and killed.

DJ, we clashed over this is... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

DJ, we clashed over this issue before. With that said, I probalyhave less sympathy for him than you at this point, if that is possible.

Many college and pro athletes are coddled. oaky, I get it. But when you are worth a couple of 100 MILLION DOLLAR$, and you lie in the investigation to the FEDS (Info I did not have before), forcing them to start offering plea deals in exchange for their testimoney against you, then fail your freakin' drug test the month after your plea, sealed the deal for me. He is an idiot.

And to your point, Vick is experiencing the ruin that results after pride has taken its toll. No on could tell him different and everyone over-indulged him. Everyone, including his agents, the Falcons owner, his coaches, his friends, and family showered him with adulation and love because the was the money man. No one cautioned him to use good judgment, and his lack of sound judgement the past 3 years is more indicative of his lack of concern fo their welfare.

I feel since he would not listen to reason before, he should now deal with his heartache without wearing it on his sleeves.

I saw last Monday Night's f... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I saw last Monday Night's football game.
It was in Atlanta.
I saw children in the stands, along with their parents with the "Free Michael Vick" tee-shirts in full display. Lots of number "7" Jerseys in the crowd, still worshiping a thug who never grew up.
Let go of him, he is a criminal, nothing more than a gang member with money, a juvenile who never grew up, an irresponsible member of society who contributes no more than a human who can run faster than a dog.

Excellent article and comme... (Below threshold)

Excellent article and commentary. I'm a dog lover too and people like Vick make me sick. There is nothing more contemptible than a grown man would kill a defenseless animal. There is just no excuse possible. None. Vick is remorseful ONLY because he was caught and held accountable. A man with a conscience would never have done what he did to begin with.

It hurts deeply becau... (Below threshold)

It hurts deeply because jail is no place for me

Was no one screening these letters to the Judge? His attorney? Anyone?

Or has Vick isolated himself (no pun intended) from ALL advice?

And if you read between the... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

And if you read between the lines closely you can see him saying "Is there any way possible to get that $90 million+ in endorsement deals that I screwed myself out of?"

"CSI" had a dog fighting episode last night. In it, Stokes, one of the main CSI characters, said to one of ring leaders, "there's two things juries can't stand: People who abuse kids. And people who abuse animals."

I still don't less than 2 years is enough for Vick, or any another dog fighting douchebag.

I say this with my 12-year old lab sitting by my side....

"It hurts deeply because ja... (Below threshold)

"It hurts deeply because jail is no place for me"

You should have thought about it before you started treating dogs like garbage, don't you think?

You're a sick man.

> "I apologize for the f... (Below threshold)

> "I apologize for the failed drug test"

Asshole! Apologize for taking the drugs!

wh... (Below threshold)







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