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Bill Kristol: Joe Lieberman to Endorse John McCain for President

This comes to us from the Weekly Standard's blog Campaign Standard. My first response was surprise, but it makes sense. I just can't see Lieberman endorsing any of the Democratic candidates because they are all against the issue he cares so much about: winning the war in Iraq.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Update: Fox News has more.

The McCain campaign told FOX News earlier that it was holding a "newsworthy" town hall meeting at 8 a.m. Monday but would not give details. On Sunday, the campaign said the meeting was to announce an endorsement, but did not say whose.

However, a senior Lieberman aide told FOX News on Sunday that Lieberman was approached by McCain, a longtime friend and ally, a couple of weeks ago and asked for the endorsement.

The two had just traveled together, once again, to Iraq for the Thanksgiving holiday. Lieberman has long said he would let the process "play itself out" -- meaning, not endorse a candidate early, but according to the aide, "Lieberman just thought McCain was clearly the most qualified candidate (of the entire '08 line-up) to be commander in chief from day one so rather than just observe from the sidelines, the senator now hopes to actually influence the process."

The aide said Lieberman was not courted by anyone else in the race.

"I think McCain is the only one who asked for the senator's endorsement," he added.

In a pre-emptive comment against the questions that will inevitably come and that have swirled around the senator since his own contentious 2006 re-election, when he was knocked out of the Democratic primary by a political neophyte because of his pro-Iraq position, Lieberman is not switching parties.

"This is in no way an endorsement of the (Republican) Party, just the man," the aide said, adding that McCain did not ask Lieberman to join his ticket in the vice presidential slot.

Lieberman "just wants to serve as a U.S. senator, nothing more," the aide said. Lieberman was the Democrats' vice presidential candidate in the 2000 race alongside Al Gore.


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Comments (10)

Perhaps in part because I'm... (Below threshold)

Perhaps in part because I'm not an American, I almost forgot that Mr. Lieberman was a Democrat.

Will McCain get a single vo... (Below threshold)

Will McCain get a single vote as a result of this endorsement?

Who benefits more in the ey... (Below threshold)

Who benefits more in the eyes of the republican party?

At least Lieberman has the ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

At least Lieberman has the common sense and decency not to endorse the cut-and-run democrats.

They deserve each other. </... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

They deserve each other.

This is the only way I coul... (Below threshold)

This is the only way I could vote for McCain.

Endorsements are of questio... (Below threshold)

Endorsements are of questionable value, but this is a little bit more help for McCain's climb back into contention - reminding Republicans of his appeal to such reasonable Democrats as may remain, and to independents.

Now, think for a moment: if the nominees are Obama for the Democrats and Huckabee for the Republicans, a McCain-Lieberman "end the partisan bickering" independent run might attract very broad support.

I have been telling ... (Below threshold)
Terry Oertli:

I have been telling my family for months that my vote in the coming election may be a write in because I'm voting McCain-Lieberman.
It seems that there are many others whose thoughts run along the same lines. Maybe it's time to turn words and thoughts into some sort of action.
I may not be able to do much, but at least I can write a couple of letters; send emails to friends and family and express my views in venues such as this.

It is a joke to call this c... (Below threshold)

It is a joke to call this crossing party lines. Lieberman has always been a Republican in reality who for some mysterious reason calls himself a Democrat.

You're Sort of right David.... (Below threshold)

You're Sort of right David.. in that McCain is a RINO, Lieberman is, except for the war, a full out Dem. Votes Liberal on almost ALL OTHER issues.






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