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2007 Business Review -- Vitamin Veto

In addition to multiple vetoes of the Democrats' surrender plans for Iraq, the president in 2007 was forced to break out the veto pen for a few business-related items:

-- The Prez in the fall vetoed a socialized medicine healthcare spending bill that Congress had passed along strict party lines. That veto was upheld along strict party lines. The Democrats then cleared along strict party lines another bill with very similar terms. Last week the Prez vetoed that bill.

-- There was a veto of a nanny state HUD, labor and education spending bill, which also had passed Congress along strict party lines. That veto also was upheld along strict party lines.

-- The Prez's veto threat -- along with sufficient GOP support to defeat an override bid -- prevented the oil industry from being taxed to high heaven.

-- A separate veto threat -- along with sufficient GOP support to circumvent a potential override -- will prevent the Democrats from opening a Pandora's Box of vicious litigation against the telecommunications industry.

-- The Prez also vetoed a pork-laden water resources infrastructure bill. Unfortunately that veto was overridden, mostly along party lines.

* * *
Incidentally, next year there will be a plethora of nanny state business bills vetoed by the Prez. The ensuing votes in favor or against overrides generally will fall along strict party lines.

In addition to the war against genocidal Islamo-bots, plus vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court, next year's presidential election presents the highest stakes for businesses, well, arguably ever. For even when the Democrats had overwhelming Congressional majorities, a large percentage thereof consisted of pro-business, southern conservatives.

No longer.

The notion of Hillary presiding over a Pelosi-Reid insano-Congress is enough to make any business owner or manager lose their breakfast. If not soil themselves.


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