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Early Morning Round Up

Before we get started here, I'm not a sports fan so the baseball/steroids issue escapes me. I know that the use of steroids is not acceptable in sports. It's cheating and you get what you deserve.

And on to today's round up.

  • Iran thinks the US is waving a white flag Iran calls NIE report a declaration of surrender. I have the feeling the US will show Iran a surrender very very soon and it won't be what they have in mind. (Via Lucianne)

  • Bye Bye Taliban Afghanistan's government flag was raised Wednesday on what had been one of the biggest strongholds of the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan and a leading world center of heroin production. Article Here (Via Sister Toldjah)

  • Build Wealth not Dependence Hmm look at that. Brazilians are more interest in wealth building than wealth redistribution. (Via Fausta's blog)

  • Ticking Time Bomb maybe Ron Paul's followers setup to rake in $10 million by midnight. so the deadline passed, wonder if they made it? The goal for this quarter was $12 million, last report had them at $15 million before the money bomb 'detonation'. (Via Tech Republican)

  • Needin' a Miracle in Iowa Bill says it would be a miracle for Hillary to win the Iowa caucus. Such a supportive, loving, confident thing to say. (Via Real Clear Politics)

  • Des Moines Register The Des Moines Register gives its endorsement to John McCain. Awww, why not Fred? Because he wouldn't raise his hand? Joe Leiberman also endorses McCain. (Via CQand Astute Blogger )

  • You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up British Reality TV, Make Me A Muslim! They really have lost their minds. (Via LGF)

  • Why? Anyone need a glow in the dark kitten? (Via Cold Hearted Truth)

    I sat in on a bloggers teleconference with Republican House Policy Chairman Thaddeus McCotter. You can find my take on what was said here Simple Country Girl and from Joe Mansour here Tech Republican

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    Exclusive: Eyewitness Ac... (Below threshold)

    Exclusive: Eyewitness Account of Huge Taliban Defeat

    On Sunday, as the 82nd Airborne advanced to take positions north, east and south of the town, I watched the sky being lit with large explosions from heavy ordnance dropped from the air to support the U.S. advance

    I have been watching this unfold everyday as my son serves with Task Force Fury of the 82nd Airborne. I've seen a couple of 10 - 20 second stories on the evening news about this battle, but other than that, very little.

    You really have to search out the stories to get the full picture.

    The problem with this territory of Afghanistan is that the Taliban are customers of the opium that is used to finance their cause. But then the Taliban becomes brutal and the locals call for help.

    This is where I believe we will win in the long run, not only in Afghanistan but also Iraq, that being jihad will lose because of their brutal tactics.

    Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Musa Qala residents had requested government forces eject the Taliban. "A man who lost 19 members of his family in a bombardment in Helmand province came to me and said 'the people of Musa Qala are expecting you to save them'," Karzai said in a speech.
    The man from Helmand pleaded with me to set them free from the Taliban and also other fighters from Pakistan and other countries who brutalize and oppress the people."


    Karzai said the Taliban suspended a 15-year-old boy from a ceiling and lit a gas stove underneath him, burning him alive. "Does anyone believe a human being can be so savage as to burn alive a 15-year-old boy?" he asked.

    There is actually more to this story about the 15 year old. The Taliban made the boy's mother retrieve him after they burned him up.

    Measure the lefty's condemnation of atrocities committed by these thugs verses their condemnation of the U.S. Military. It makes you wonder if they do it for political purposes. Oh wait....never mind.






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