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Vanity, thy name is Woman - or, Put On A Happy Face

If you haven't seen the latest photo of Hillary Clinton on Drudge [View image], just put down the mouse, step away from the computer, and no one will get hurt.

If you've already seen it, you're ready for the inevitable complaints. Ann Althouse writes:

My first reaction to that picture is simple disbelief. How can she suddenly look that much older? I know Presidents age horribly in their few years in office, but she's not President yet, and this seems to have happened overnight. Did some treatment wear off?

But here's my second reaction, on reflection: We make high demands on women. A picture like this of a male candidate would barely register. Fred Thompson always looks this bad, and people seem to think he's handsome. We need to get used to older women and get over the feeling that when women look old they are properly marginalized as "old ladies."

Read the rest at the link above. Who "marginalized" Hillary, or called her an "old lady" here?

Not Drudge, who labeled the photo, "The Toll of the Campaign." Not Immodest Proposal, who Althouse quotes; he said, "You don't have to be wrinkle free to be president, but you can't look haggard and bedraggled, either."

Perhaps there is no real need to protest. Hillary, at least, hasn't gone the route of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and had multiple plastic surgeries (resulting in that disturbing smile, reminiscent of the Batman's old foe, The Joker). She's had some tough times on the trail lately, and just finished door-to-door campaigning in sub-freezing New Hampshire.

With all the reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton, "wrinkles" don't make it into the Top 100.


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Comments (27)

The difference between Hill... (Below threshold)

The difference between Hillary and, say, Fred Thompson is that women conceal their "true" looks via makeup and cosmetics (or, as noted, surgery) about a billion times more often than men. We don't often get to catch a man with has "mask" off, because there usually isn't a mask. With women, however, the "un-masking" can be pretty dramatic.

Not fair - true. But it is reality.

I don't car about Hillary's... (Below threshold)

I don't car about Hillary's outer-packaging. It's what's on the inside that disturbs me.

The media have always put up comparison photos of elected officials, and even Hollywood actors, showing the toll of time and stress. Should Hillary be excluded because she's a woman? Of course not. But some will say it's a cheap shot. Probably the same one's who merely found it interesting when it was done in the past to others.

I don't "care" either. :)</... (Below threshold)

I don't "care" either. :)

She is what she is. My expe... (Below threshold)

She is what she is. My experience is that women are always way tougher on women. To trot out the "double standard" thing is lame. ww

Oh, dear. That isn't the m... (Below threshold)

Oh, dear. That isn't the most flattering picture is it? Well, she did turn 60 this year, so the over all appearance is about right.

She just doesn't belong in the Presidency, and that's all there is to it, regardless of those nightmarish close-ups.

As a young lad I seem to re... (Below threshold)

As a young lad I seem to recall a before and after photo set of Jimmy Carter showing his rapid aging upon serving. Was there some form of sexism in it that I missed?

Whenever she's appeared on ... (Below threshold)

Whenever she's appeared on TV, it's been with professionally applied makeup, foundation and mineral, light-reflecting and shading powders, not to mention some Barbara Walters-like flattering lighting. They've knocked at least five-ten years off her age by getting rid of the bags, wrinkles, lines and sags. Now she looks like an entry in the "Stars Without Makeup" feature in the checkout-line tabloids.

This is symbolic of the breakdown of her campaign. It started out carefully orchestrated, with tightly controlled appearances and interviews that only presented her in a good light. She's lost control of the meme, as well as the situations in which she appears to the public.

I'm with Oyster, I could ca... (Below threshold)

I'm with Oyster, I could care less about her looks and a lot more about her political beliefs. I'm giving her a pass because she could be a "good light/bad light" woman.

I have no sympathy for a de... (Below threshold)

I have no sympathy for a democrat that takes a lousy pic - I was a big supporter of Steve Forbes before we settled for the moderate GW. Forbes' big problem per the MSM was that he was too "goofy" looking to be president. On the other hand, one of Thompson's advantages is his height - he'll tower over any of those whimpy Dem candidates. It is what it is.

To all the younger folks...... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

To all the younger folks...
Yep your face will sag.
Yep you will lose hair.
Yep your hair will turn gray..
(although I am sure no male or female here
has not or will not artificially alter gray hairs no matter your age...)Do folks here Remember Reagan's orange hair phase?...

as for Fred Thompson?
no his wife probably doesn't have gray hair..yet

Women don't age as graceful... (Below threshold)

Women don't age as gracefully as men unless they've had help. Makeup can and does conceal some flaws, but I guarantee you that it doesn't add or remove 20 years! I realize this is a generalization statement. NO hate mail please. Likewise, there is no proof that this photo has not been retouched. As a Pro photographer and Photoshop artist I can tell you that you can make someone look younger or older with the stoke of a brush. And when all is said and done, who the heck cares? Don't we have bigger things to worry about than Hillary's makeup techniques not making her look young enough.

Seems to me that this is a ... (Below threshold)

Seems to me that this is a good choice for the Wizbang weekly photo caption contest.

I could care less about the picture, but it could go a long way to explaining Bill's dalliances while president.

Well, at least it wasn't ph... (Below threshold)

Well, at least it wasn't phoptoshopped like the Dems do.

The phrase "40 miles of ... (Below threshold)

The phrase "40 miles of bad road" comes to mind!

Jim,Based o... (Below threshold)


Based off of contacts I have in the LA medical community, Hillary's had work done before.

(It's generally assumed that it was light-weight stuff like Botox and not face-lifts or anything more drastic, as she was making public appearances and did a photo spread shortly afterwards.)

She just hasn't had it done to the extent that Pelosi has had procedures performed.

Heh, nothing that a putty k... (Below threshold)

Heh, nothing that a putty knife and some bondo wouldnt't fix.

"(although I am sure no ... (Below threshold)

"(although I am sure no male or female here
has not or will not artificially alter gray hairs no matter your age...)"

I have wrinkles setting in. And I'm damn proud of every one of them. And my hair is graying too. My temples are completely white now. Some day, not far down the road, that beautiful red hair I've been complimented on all my life will be all gray. But get a face lift and color my hair? I haven't and have no plans to, thank you. So speak for yourself.

Don't mind the hair turning... (Below threshold)

Don't mind the hair turning gray as long as it keeps a grip on my scalp!

But that pic of Hillary? Why am I reminded of "The Portrait of Dorian Gray"?

I think Wethal's got it right - she's lost control of the narrative. Instead of being portrayed as invincible, she's being portrayed as elderly and out of control of her 'machine'. It won't get better, either. She's in for a hard, hard fight of it.

How can she sudden... (Below threshold)
How can she suddenly look that much older?
It's called a sudden cessation of Botox injections, lady. Not all that unusual. Once she gets back in the dermatologists off (post-Iowa) she'll look right as rain.
None of this scrutiny of Hi... (Below threshold)

None of this scrutiny of Hillary's appearance compares with what Reagan was subjected to.

Tip O'Neill remarked that Reagan couldn't complete a thought without a 3X5 card in front of him, there were constant references to his real hair color and frequent rumors (helped along by the MSM and Sam Donaldson et al) that he was senile.

Team Hillary needs to grow some thick skin because she hasn't even reached the Big Game yet....as one commentor mentioned weeks ago: she is a brittle candidate that may not make the cut.

Take anyone over 50, stick ... (Below threshold)

Take anyone over 50, stick them in frigid cold and photograph them with light from the side and they'll look like that.

I do believe the press annointed Obama and has turned on her.

the vast right wing conspir... (Below threshold)

the vast right wing conspiracy claims another victim.......

The press is a fickle suito... (Below threshold)

The press is a fickle suitor - looking for the best story, not the best end result.

Hugh S - She may be tough, and that's something a President needs. But, as you say, she's appearing very brittle... and that's something a President cannot be. At a minimum, you're going to spend 4 years in the hot seat, responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in the US, even if you have no control over what does happen.

You've got to be friggin' nuts to want to be in that position. You've got be tough, AND resilient, AND flexible. Above all, you've got to be as honest as humanly possible, because the jackals of both parties will try to get you through any weakness you might show.

I don't think Hillary will make it. She's not resilient enough, or flexible, or terribly honest.

that's about what I expect ... (Below threshold)

that's about what I expect from a frog-licking broom jockey...

she looks as worn as a Arka... (Below threshold)

she looks as worn as a Arkansas highway,and if you ever been in Arkansas, you know what I mean. :)

You think that's bad, heh, ... (Below threshold)

You think that's bad, heh, wait'll you see what she looks like a few years into her term as president (if she gets elected, of course). Being the chief executive in this country ages you real quick. Look at "before" and "after" pictures of Carter and Bush, for example.

She looks like John McCain ... (Below threshold)

She looks like John McCain in a wig.






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