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War Zone



San Francisco:

A shooting Monday afternoon pushed the homicide total in San Francisco to 97 this year, the most killings in the city in more than a decade.

The victim of the latest violence was a 24-year-old black man.

On Saturday two immigrant day laborers were gunned down -- killings, police said, that highlight a recent surge in violence against Latino men.

All of which raises an important question, no?

Why is it that liberal policies tend to kill off so many racial minorities?


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san fransisco needs more pe... (Below threshold)

san fransisco needs more people that are armed. and more morality.

Spiro T. Agnew said it best... (Below threshold)

Spiro T. Agnew said it best: "effete snobs"
The libtard scumbags will only be happy when the minorities are taking care of only their yards, kids, pools and being the chaeuffer to the over-priced "academy".

excuuuuuuuuuse me!! ... (Below threshold)

excuuuuuuuuuse me!!

I live just South of the People's Republic of Sand Francisco. I can ASSURE you that San Francisco is a GUN FREE CITY!!

Therefore, no one can POSSIBLY have been killed with a gun!

Your so called "news" story is pure nonsense! Nothing to see here...move along please!

Ha! That's nothing. We've... (Below threshold)

Ha! That's nothing. We've had over 200 murders this year. But obviously guns had nothing to do with it, because they were all confiscated after Katrina.

NJ just bought 'back' aroun... (Below threshold)

NJ just bought 'back' around 400 guns that would have never been used in a crime. We're making progress, aren't we?

Waitaminute! I WORK in San ... (Below threshold)

Waitaminute! I WORK in San Francisco...worse, I work for the government (ahem) of San Francisco. Our District Attorney tells us that we just need more "community policing" and we need to make sure our cops have "sensitivity" training to be able to deal with "communities of color".

At one point, long ago, this city had COPS. And they were allowed to do their job.

A friend in NJ corrected me... (Below threshold)

A friend in NJ corrected me. The guns would have never been used in a crime, but now that they're in the hands of NJ cops they will be sold strickly to criminals. Guess he's right.

How long will be stand by a... (Below threshold)

How long will be stand by a watch our sons and daughters get killed. I say bring them out of San Francisco NOW. ww

Diane Feinstein hates black... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Diane Feinstein hates black people.

Undoubtedly (wing)nuts wer... (Below threshold)

Undoubtedly (wing)nuts were the killers.

It's too dangerous in San F... (Below threshold)

It's too dangerous in San Francisco. I demand we withdraw all government forces and let the native San Franciscans step up and take responsibility for their own security.

California recently adopted... (Below threshold)

California recently adopted a law that would require all new models of firearms sold after 2010 to have a microstamped serial number on the firing pin to stamp every fired cartridge with the ID of the gun.

California believes that this will solve crime. The only problem is that a study of the technology ( conveniently patented by a firm that lobbied the Calif legislature ) does not work. Criminalists in the study could not read the mark. And if you have any understanding of how firearms work, you would know that it can't work because of the way that pressures of a cartridge act upon the soft metal of the primer - smearing its contact with the firing pin.

This is how the Democrats in California intend to solve crime, by writing science fiction instead.






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