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Here's a summary of the week thus far in Congress:

-- By Wednesday afternoon (EST) if not sooner the full Congress will have appropriated another 70 billion dollars for Iraq and Afghanistan. Here's a link to a synopsis by the liberal wire services.

-- Speaking of Iraq, the Senate on Tuesday defeated a cut-and-run surrender entreaty by liberal Moonbat Russ Feingold. As illustrated by the linked roll call, the cut-and-run bloc consisted of 23 Democrats plus one Vermont socialist (I know, redundant). For obvious reasons none of the media/Democrat presidential contenders in the Senate were stupid enough to vote in favor of that nonsense.

-- The full Congress on Tuesday passed the first mandatory fuel economy increase in 32 years. Click here for the liberal wire services' version of events.

-- For the 3rd time in two weeks the Senate GOP defeated a Democrat attempt to raise taxes under the guise of trying to fix the dastardly Alternative Minimum Tax.

-- By Wednesday afternoon (EST) if not sooner the full Congress will have kept at bay the AMT, at least temporarily, by way of a stop-gap measure. Here's a summary from the liberal Associated Press.

-- John Tinder was confirmed to the powerful U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit. Prior to his current appointment Judge Tinder had been nominated by President Reagan to the federal trial bench. Judge Tinder can stay on the appeals court, you know, for as long as he wants.

-- The full Congress expanded the reach of the federal FOIA Act. That's Freedom of Information Act, for those who don't like acronyms. Here's a link to a very biased and agenda-driven MSM article on the subject.

-- The full Congress delayed by six months a reduction in public-money Medicare payments to physicians. Instead they'll get a nominal raise well under the current inflation rate. Here's a link to a one-sided and agenda-driven MSM article.

-- The full Congress enacted a nanny state law regarding swimming pool safety. Here's a link to an AP article that celebrates this unnecessary piece of legislation.


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This also took place..<br /... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

This also took place..
A hearing on the KBR women alleging gang rape..
The DOJ won't touch this..


Contractors on all levels are immune.
At what point in time will the lawless of this administration reach you?

You can kiss the U.S. auto ... (Below threshold)
John S:

You can kiss the U.S. auto industry goodbye. Adding $6,000 to $10,000 to the price of every car for unreliable technology that currently doesn't exist could depress sales a bit. On the other hand, I'm sitting pretty. My truck chassis SUV (a real SUV) will be unavailable at any price after 2010. I expect it will appreciate by 20% a year. And my 300 hp convertible? That pretty much speaks for itself. It should be worth $100K in a few years.






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