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The Chronicles of Gitmo

France convicts ex-Guantanamo Bay inmates of terrorism ties

A French court on Wednesday convicted on terrorism-related charges five Muslim French citizens, all of whom were former inmates at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay. The court sentenced the men to time served in American custody.

I'm shocked -- shocked -- that a group of Muslims who were held at Gitmo even could be suspected of being terrorists, much less convicted of terrorism-related offenses. In France, no less. What say you, Michael Moore?


Also on Wednesday three longtime British residents were released from Guantanamo and flown to Britain. London police arrested two on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts, while the third was detained for questioning.

Go figure.

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P.S. -- Here's a link to a ludicrously agenda-driven article by Pravda-MSNBC and the AP.


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Comments (8)

Obviously staged by the CIA... (Below threshold)

Obviously staged by the CIA to bolster claims that Islamofascism is a world-wide threat.

Why were not these persons ... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Why were not these persons released before?
Notice that they are now a part of a legal process, something they were denied in Gitmo.
Why has the United States become afraid to try these folks in our Courts?
If the evidence is there to convict they will be convicted.
After all these years there is probably little knowledge that would surface in court that could jeopardize our National security.
We have a super max here in Colorado that can place them in solitary for the rest of their lives if they are convicted.

We are supposed to have these tribunals for Gitmo..
After all these years where are the trials?
Geeze..either there is evidence or not.
How many Gitmo detainees have been released?
I don't know...
I can tell you how many have been convicted by Gitmo tribunal....zero

As has been explained to yo... (Below threshold)

As has been explained to you many times, nogo war, but you deliberately pretend never to have heard of the arguments - probably because you have no answer.

The idea that we can only hold captured combatants if we have "evidence" to support a criminal conviction is simply false and ludicrous.

Combatants can be held during hostilities under the laws of war. This has been true for millenia. Only rabid BDS causes people to ignore that fact. Converting war into a criminal justice question is only one of many completely stupid ideas you continually flog.

But the real effect of the BDS crowd's obsession with Guantanamo is that it will be dismantled. The most open and humane prisoner of war camp in history will be destroyed by your BDS obsessions. Instead, detainees will be held in secret facilities world wide with less transparency. You will have actually made things worse with your obsession. And you don't seem to have a clue.

I don't know why they even ... (Below threshold)

I don't know why they even moved them to GITMO. After they got the info from them, execute them. That's what they do to their POW's.

In fact, load them all on a old boat and send them back to the ME. On the way, if a boiler exploded, or one of their IE's went off, oh well, TS.

Bet that would really send the bleeding hearts up the wall. Then we could send the BH's, with scuba gear, down about 3 or 4 thousand feet to gather evidence on what happened. Be the BH's wouldn't dare dive that deep, would they. But hey, just an idea.

begin channeling BarneyG200... (Below threshold)

begin channeling BarneyG2000

Well these guys must not have been the 30% that are obviously completely innocent.

end channeling

hey SPQR, did you say he wa... (Below threshold)

hey SPQR, did you say he was on glue,or,not a clue? its early, and I need more coffee.

"I don't know why they even... (Below threshold)
sad American:

"I don't know why they even moved them to GITMO. After they got the info from them, execute them. That's what they do to their POW's."

Because Allen wants us to be just like them.

There is a rather significa... (Below threshold)

There is a rather significant advantage to Guantanamo Bay, we don't have to worry about terrorist jailbreaks.






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