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The Slippery Slope of Gumbmint

Congress OKs Gun Bill

Congress on Wednesday passed a bill designed more easily to flag prospective gun buyers with documented mental problems

You know that saying about bad cases (i.e., Va Tech) leading to bad laws? Well, this bill is Exhibit A.

In a perfect world the Prez would veto and there would be sufficient votes to block an override. Unfortunately that's not going to happen.

Since we're on the topic, however, we might was well get in our rant of the evening:

The way to deal with Va Tech-style massacres is *not* to enact additional gun laws and regulations. Especially not of the federal variety.

The better approach would be to *reduce* as much as practicable so-called "gun control" laws.

That way the next time some mental midget decides to go postal his fellow citizens instantly would have the means by which to fashion an appropriate response; namely, by shooting the bastard down in his tracks.

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P.S. -- For those who are interested here's a link to the liberal AP's version of events.


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Comments (2)

Sooner or later, someone wi... (Below threshold)

Sooner or later, someone will get the idea that when criminals, terrorists, and nut cases see a "GUN-FREE ZONE" sign, they don't just say, "Aw, shucks," and go home.

If a man is willing to commit murder in the first place, just how much of a deterrent is the prospect of an illegal gun charge?

Of course, we could just outlaw guns altogether, right? After all, we got rid of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana by banning them, didn't we?[/rolleyes]

Wouldn't this be discrimina... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't this be discrimination against those who have had a 'condition'?






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