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Kamikaze Campaigning

Towards the end of World War II, the Japanese were growing desperate. They had lost the best of their pilots in the first year or two of the war against the United States, and had never instituted a first-rate program to replace them and fully train new ones. As a last-ditch effort to get some use out of half-trained young men who were most likely going to die anyway, they convinced them to pilot planes converted into "flying bombs" and deliberately crash into American and British ships. They were called "kamikaze," or "Divine Wind," after the storms that twice wrecked Mongol invasion fleets in the 13th century.

I'm starting to wonder if there is a similar mentality going on in the Hillary Clinton campaign.

A few weeks ago, an unpaid volunteer was caught forwarding on the "Barack Obama might be a secret Muslim" canard. She was let go.

Then another, more high-ranking campaign staffer did the same thing. They, too, were tossed aside.

Then Bill Shaheen, one of Hillary's national co-chairmen (as well as one of her New Hampshire co-chairman) talked about how Obama's admitted drug use as a youth might open him up to Republican questions of actual drug-dealing. That got him the axe.

Then former Senator Bob Kerrey, a strong Hillary backer, commented that Obama might be a "Muslim Manchurian candidate." He had no official position with the campaign to lose, but he's lost a lot of his former luster -- I know I used to have quite a bit of respect for a man who not only earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, but dated Debra Winger.

In a matter of a couple weeks, four increasingly-prominent Hillary backers have gone down in flames while lashing out at Barack Obama.

I'm reminded of one of my favorite Jim Steinman/Meat Loaf lyrics:

"There's desperation in the air/it leaves a stain on all your clothes/and no detergent gets it out."

A little over sixty years ago, the Kamikaze corps inflicted a terrible toll on the American and British fleets -- but, in the end, had a negligible effect on the outcome of the war. I suspect that Hillary's Divine Winds will have even less of an effect.

But gosh darn it, they're proving remarkably entertaining.


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Comments (9)

Or it just could be a pre-p... (Below threshold)

Or it just could be a pre-planned Obama/Clinton ticket or a Clinton/Obama ticket. If Hillary gets the nomination she may select Obama as her Vice-Prez. Can't allow her staff attack someone she might feel would garner her the African-American vote in a general election. And Obama may see Hillary as an asset in garnering the female vote.

Someone might shoot my theory down in the following comments, but stranger things have happened.

The most remarkable thing i... (Below threshold)

The most remarkable thing is that Hillary's team may be the most experienced political operation ever to run a primary campaign. Even though some of the gaffes came from volunteers and "state chairs" instead of paid staff, there is no excuse for not training these folks so they know anything they do reflects upon the campaign. Therefore, do NOTHING beyond what you are specifically asked to do.

But many other gaffes come straight from the old pros on the campaign. Using Obama's kindergarten essay as proof of his ambition was, well, just stupid. The reaction was so predictable, it resembles something a teenager might do because he didn't think about consequences.

Oyster ~ I don't see those two on a ticket. Hillary won't need help with Illinois or the black voter. If Obama needs help in New York, he's toast anyway, and Hillary repels nearly as many women as she attracts. Plus, they are both Senators. No matter who wins, look for a current or former Governor, probably from a battleground state. Vilsack, Richardson, Ritter come to mind.

jay, I hope you get some an... (Below threshold)

jay, I hope you get some analogies for Christmas.

Judging <a href="http://www... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Judging by this exchange, there is a lot of bad blood between the respective Democrat campaigns and their top strategists..and it will probably get worse..Obama and Clinton genuinely don't get along. It is hard to see either of them accepting second fiddle to the other on any joint ticket.

Merry Christmas Baghdad Bar... (Below threshold)

Merry Christmas Baghdad Barney:

"jay, I hope you get some analogies for Christmas."

And all of the Wizbang comment community hope you get some relevant, cognitive and on topic comments stuffed into your hung stockings.

But hope isn't reality is it?

Everyone loses campaign sta... (Below threshold)

Everyone loses campaign staff constantly. Romney lost two key positions within a few months and McCain had a huge defection. I'm sure they were considered noble sacrifices by Republicans.

But you'll find that really manly men (who surprisingly never serve in the military) tend to pull out war metaphors when their own lives lack meaning. I've found that most neo-cons like JT tend to place the current war against islamofascismlibrulnazism as the most important battle evah simply due to the fact that they have nothing else to fight. They aren't Orwell, that's for sure.

(For the best example, see Goldberg's new book. SadlyNo has great coverage)

I think BG got confused usi... (Below threshold)

I think BG got confused using a big word that fooled him by its first four letters. jp2 is still vainly searching for a clue. I thin a visit up the yellow brick road would be more productive than waiting for a Christmas present for either.

Pay no mind to the philisti... (Below threshold)
Dennis M:

Pay no mind to the philistines, Barney. I don't know much in this crazy world, but one thing I do know. THAT was funny. I bet even Jay would admit his analogies are sometimes, for lack of a better word, tortured.

Let the Clintoon campaign i... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:

Let the Clintoon campaign implode. I for one, am not saddened at all that the Hillary people are leaving in droves. This goes to shows the depth of the animosity that the American people have for the Clintoons.

As for the Kamikaze analogy that Jay Tea has used, too bad that the bitch kitty herself is not caught doing something like that. Don't let the denials that she issues deter anyone from the truth. She knows full well what goes on in the campaign. Hell, she is the one that orders these things to be done. Hillary being perp walked to a waiting police car would make my year. Hell it might even make my decade.






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