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Christmas video for the troops

Blackfive asked bloggers to send in videos for a Christmas tribute for our troops overseas to say thank you. Here is the end result:

I do not have a digital camcorder, and therefore could not send in a video. However, I would still like to say a huge THANK YOU to the men and women serving overseas right now. There are not words for what your sacrifice means to us and how proud we are of all of you. I hope you have a wonderful, safe Christmas, happy holidays, and a great New Year. Come home safe -- you'll be in our thoughts and prayers.


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As someone who lives and wo... (Below threshold)

As someone who lives and works on a Navy Ship (the USNS supply ships), getting stuck watching AFN (aka American Forces Network), we already see too many of these "thank you videos", and they're so cheesy, ugh.

Granted I'm a civilian mariner but I'm sure the average soldier/sailor doesn't exactly see them and go "ooh wow they really like us". I guess it's better than nothing though...






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