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Quote of the Day

Maybe Markos Moulitsas and the Kwazy Kos Kids aren't as influential as they think.

We've bitched and moan and pleaded and begged and threatened and cried -- and none of that mattered.

We really can't hold up money, since quite frankly we don't have that much, and the lobbyists will always have more.

Votes? We're an important part of the party's ground game, but the most entrenched of our ineffective Democrats have been in office 250 years and in safe districts, and have little to fear from you and me staying home, too disillusioned to participate.

He then goes on to explain that the way to get their candidates in is by winning at the primaries. No, really?! I don't think anyone would have guessed that. Insert eye-rolling now.

But hey, Kos, here's a thought. Maybe there's this gap between what far left loons like DailyKos, the DU, MoveOn.org and so on and so forth advocate and what mainstream Americans want. In fact, I'd venture a guess that it's a pretty sizeable gap. The Democratic Party does not need to get any more to the Left, unless of course you're trying to bring about the total destruction of the United States. So let's celebrate the fact that apparently (according to you anyways) regular, every day Democrats aren't drinking the DailyKos Kool-Aid.

And please, keep up the pity parties. It's rather entertaining.


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Comments (19)

Another lefty site..althoug... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Another lefty site..although they do have actual documents...
I just read them for myself...
I suggest you do the same with you favorite Christmas CD in the background...


Things are pretty darn dism... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Things are pretty darn dismal for the Left, nogo, if that is the best hope you have, a civil suit filed in D.C. solely on the emotional "waaaaaah" argument we saw shot down before.

Let me know if you PROVE something.

That will take a while, a VERY long while.

Another attempted thread hi... (Below threshold)

Another attempted thread hijacking by nogo war, I see.

nogo:"Another ... (Below threshold)


"Another lefty site..."

But wait nogo... are you trying to say that "lefty site" is more informed with the legal impeachment process than EVERY Dem Congressman and Senator now sitting in Congress?

Haven't you ever, for just a hot second, wondered WHY impeachment proceedings have never been started and nothing more than sheep bleats have been heard?

Could it be there is no basis for them and the sheep bleats are just that?

erh -- this is nolo.<... (Below threshold)

erh -- this is nolo.

no relation to nogo.

the "lefty site" he mentioned
is. . . mine. and, a covington & burling
lawyer represents the detainee, Abdah,
in the criminal hearing seeking habeas
relief for Abdah -- that lawyer alleges
photos and videos, still extant, at gitmo,
of torture, and tortured detainees.

now before you dismiss Abdah's lawyer as
wild-eyed, let me remind you that his firm,
covington & burling, is ALSO representing the
RNC -- yes the republican party -- in the RNC's
missing 5 million emails dispute
with congress.

so, i don't think he is willing to just "make shit up", do you?

but we'll see.

c h e e r s. . .

marc: "Haven't you ever, fo... (Below threshold)

marc: "Haven't you ever, for just a hot second, wondered WHY impeachment proceedings have never been started and nothing more than sheep bleats have been heard?"

The dem leadership LOVES morons like nogo. The dem leadership knows that all they have to do is move boxes around, shift titles, claim to do things they clearly aren't doing, and all of their little Stalinist-wannabes will simply fall into line.

I can remember laughing my arse off at a couple of lib acquaintences years ago after Billy-boy became President. These libs were sooooo happy that Clinton had "killed SDI".

What they didnt' realize (since they were moron lefties) was that no President could simply walk away from the promise of a defensive missile shield with the judgement of history awaiting them.

All Billy-boy did was to change the names of the programs to Ballistic Missile Defense and, VOILA!, no more "Strategic Defense Initiative".

Of course, when I explained this to those morons then, they didn't believe me....until one of them contacted their congressman's office to inquire about the defense budget line items for "BMD" under the Ballistic Missile Defense Office".

Imagine their surprise at having been so easily fooled by their Dem "superiors"......just as the nogo's of today are fooled by the amazingly transparent and ridiculous rhetoric of Pelosi and Reid.

Just as their lefty-forebears were "fooled" by the promise of Duranty's-described "people's paradise".

It never ends.

Everyone wants to be a soci... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Everyone wants to be a socialist, they just don't know it yet. Thats why we need KOS, so they can open our eyes to the corporate machine, man. It's the special interest groups (of which they have no connection to of course) and the lobbyists (which again they have no connection to) that have all the money, man! Run by the corporate machine, man!

I can't wait until they open my eyes to the destruction cause by all the little eichmanns across this country, man!

"Everyone wants to be a soc... (Below threshold)

"Everyone wants to be a socialist, they just don't know it yet. Thats why we need KOS"

Ummm NOOOO..

We need Koo Koo Kos to show normal people examples of how NOT to act or think, and that socialist libtards have a mental condition.

Interesting how in less tha... (Below threshold)

Interesting how in less than two hours a relative nobody found that a relative nobody posted a link to his post in a comment section of another post completely unrelated to the comment in one of millions of blogs.

Oliver Willis appearing here within minutes of his name being mentioned, I can understand. Not only does he scan Wizbang regularly, but he's obsessed with himself.

nolo sounds an awful lot li... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

nolo sounds an awful lot like nogo. Also has a similar complete misunderstanding of how legal firms operate.

But hey, this agnostic American wishes both of them a Merry Christmas.

hey john irving -- they are... (Below threshold)

hey john irving -- they are typically
called law firms, not "legal firms."

just f. your i.

mr. david remes and bob kelner are both
full equity partners of covington & burling.

this is relevant to suggest that the partners would not allow mr. remes to subject them to liability or embarrassment by filing frivolous

either that, or bob kelner's defense of the
RNC should be viewed with the same skepicism
you folks reserve for the gitmo detainees' lawyers. . .

[as a former law firm equity partner, i'd
know just a little about this, john irving. . .]

cheers, just the same.

-- nolo

[as a former law firm eq... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

[as a former law firm equity partner, i'd
know just a little about this, john irving. . .]

Did you learn any skills with the English language, "nolo?" Considering you type with the ability of a crackbaby 5th grader hopped up on Cherry Jolt, your claims to being a "former law firm equity partner" are dubious at best. Particularly because, if you really were such an animal, you'd know that most legal firms, apart from advocacy groups, accept clients based primarily on ability to pay. There's too much competition in the legal profession to do otherwise.

Of course, if you had really been involved in a law firm in any way, shape, or form, you'd know that.

ahem. john irving --<... (Below threshold)

ahem. john irving --

i'm glad you've mentioned "ability to pay".

i guess you missed the fact that covington &
burling represents Abdah on a pro bono publico
basis. . . yes, john, that means the firm is
doing it for. . . um. . . free.

i guess that must also mean that firm works in
a manner more-than-just-slightly-differently
than you posit -- but, you are right about
one thing -- covington & burling is represent-
ing the RNC for a very large fee. [very, very
large. akin, gump large, in fact. just ask ken
melman. no, really, do. he's a partner there,
now -- akin gump, that is.]

so -- how would you explain that a republican-
leaning law firm with white-shoe credentials
has taken Abdah's case -- and has averred that
more torture tapes very-likely still exist, and
are very-likely being kept at gitmo?

[crickets chirping. . .]

next you'll tell me they "simply want the
", right? uh-huh. okay.

stop typing now, before you write something
extraordinarily silly, john -- oops. too late.

c h e e r s.

confidential p.s. for
-- don't be fooled
here, by my oddly-styled typing
efforts -- most firms never
did require that the equity
partners be able to type.

at all.

yes, john, i am suggesting ... (Below threshold)

yes, john, i am suggesting that
the RNC's case may be more dubious
than Abdah's, if we were to employ
your own "legal firm [sic] logic".

Nolo, you have failed to su... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Nolo, you have failed to substantiate anything you have written. Your writing lends you no credibility, as you appear to have only a passing familiarity with the rules of grammar.

You should take your own advice, and cease writing, as you have made yourself look quite foolish already, as much a drooling moron as your long-lost twin nogo.

john -- compare and contras... (Below threshold)

john -- compare and contrast (all from
the covington & burling website)


David Remes represents clients in appellate and other litigation involving complex procedural, statutory, and constitutional issues. His practice includes 30 years of experience in the Supreme Court in nearly 60 cases and wide experience in other federal and state courts at all levels. Mr. Remes also represents clients in legislative matters at the federal, state, and local levels.

Mr. Remes has a long history of involvement in pro bono matters. He received the firm's senior lawyer Pro Bono award in 2005 and the Human Rights Campaign's Ally of Justice Award in 2006. Mr. Remes also is a member of the ABA Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, and he is is among the leading lawyers in the Guantanamo litigation.

Mr. Remes was born in 1954 in New York City, and is married to Naomi R. Remes. They have two daughters.

Representative Matters

Representing such clients as ExxonMobil and Microsoft, United States Chamber of Commerce, and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, and leading cigarette manufacturers in Commerce Clause, Supremacy Clause, First Amendment, and Takings Clause challenges to state and local laws.

Representing such clients as IBM, Xerox, and AK Steel in ERISA class actions, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in product liability class actions and other litigation.

Representing NFL for nearly 20 years on federal and state gambling legislative matters, including Unlawful Internet Gambling Act and Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act; currently opposing sports gambling proposals in Delaware and New Jersey.

Representing Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and tobacco manufacturers for over 20 years on state and local legislative and ballot issues and related litigation.

Representing survey research industry in connection with the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and state legislation affecting survey research.

Representing Guantanamo prisoners in habeas litigation and other pro bono clients in litigation in First Amendment, religious freedom cases, lesbian and gay rights, and other matters.

Mr. Remes is co-chair of Advertising & Commercial Speech Committee of the Media Law Resource Center.

Publications and Speeches
"Commercial Speech: Past, Present and Future," CLE Presentation to CBS Lawyers (2007)
"Whether Ends Justify Means: Review of John Yoo, War by Other Means," Legal Times (11/11/2006)
"Why the Court Should Hear Hamdan," American Constitution Society Blog (10/13/2005). . .

now check out bob kelner's bio
(from cov.com/rkelner):

Robert Kelner is the Chair of Covington's Election and Political Law Practice Group. His practice includes defense against government investigations, including white collar criminal and congressional investigations. He provides political law compliance advice to a wide range of corporate and political clients. His compliance practice focuses on federal and state campaign finance, lobbying disclosure, and government ethics laws, as well as legal ethics rules. His expertise includes the Foreign Agents Registration Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the rules governing political activity by municipal securities dealers. Clients include numerous Fortune 500 corporations, banks and financial institutions, major national trade associations, PACs, political party committees, and lobbying firms. He is the vice chair of the firm's Professional Responsibility Committee.

Mr. Kelner regularly advises corporations and corporate executives on instituting political law compliance programs, including corporate compliance policies and training. He has extensive experience conducting corporate internal investigations concerning campaign finance and lobbying law compliance, as well as accounting and securities fraud. Mr. Kelner regularly defends clients in investigations by the Federal Election Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. House & Senate Ethics Committees, and the House & Senate Oversight and Investigations Committees and Subcommittees.

Representative Matters

Represented the University of California and Los Alamos National Laboratory in long-running Congressional investigations of the world famous nuclear weapons lab.
Represented the Republican National Committee in its U.S. Supreme Court challenge to the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law, the New Hampshire phone-jamming litigation, and the White House e-mail investigation.
Represented Freddie Mac in the FEC's largest-ever investigation of a corporation.
Represented former White House communications official in investigation by House Judiciary Committee and the September 11 Commission concerning the White House and EPA response to air quality issues in Manhattan after September 11.
Represented former NASA communications official in investigation by the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform concerning alleged Bush Administration interference with global warming scientists.
Represented National Republican Congressional Committee in House Ethics Committee's investigation of former Rep. Mark Foley.

Previous Experience

The World Bank, Political Communications Consultant (1994-1995)
The Sawyer-Miller Group, a crisis communications and international political consulting firm, advising corporate and political clients, Vice President (1993-1994)
HUD Secretary Jack Kemp, Speechwriter (1990-1992)

Pro Bono

Represented DC Jail prisoner in civil litigation against prison guard concerning physical abuse.
Represented Maryland Charter School in administrative challenge to funding decision.

Memberships and Affiliations

American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Election Law, Appointed Member
Federalist Society, Member

Publications and Speeches
"The New Lobbying Minefield," Executive Counsel (September/October 2007)
"When Congress Calls," Legal Times (8/13/2007)

So you have some advocacy l... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

So you have some advocacy lawyers doing pro bono work. Just the very exception I pointed out.

You've still failed to prove anything whatsoever, nolo, regardless of what you think any of it means.

you are obviously 100 perce... (Below threshold)

you are obviously 100 percent right, john.

and so, i concede. there is nothing more
to talk about -- you can't read for
comprehension. stay tuned for 2008,
and a return to a governement OF the
people, FOR the people, and BY the people.

prepare also for war crimes tribunals to
convene -- against both messers. cheney and bush.

c h e e r s.

nolo, meanwhile, back in th... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

nolo, meanwhile, back in the real world, you can't write for shit, you have no clue, and regardless of which party wins the White House, you are going to be sadly disappointed when the miracle cures and Truther Trials fail to materialize.

Or, more likely, you'll fantasize that they have, much as you've fantasized so much here.






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