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Uh-oh, they're not backing down

Remember the Sorry Everybody campaign? It was a pathetic attempt for moonbats to deal with their BDS and PEST by sending in pictures of themselves holding signs "apologizing" to the world for the 2004 election.

Well, NARAL's jumped onto that bandwagon to show us that they are NOT backing down, damn it. They've started a photo petition:

Despite all our hard work, the Global Gag Rule won't be repealed this year. But we're not giving up.

Join us in sending a photo message to international women's health providers, telling them that we stand with them in their work, and - more importantly - that we're not backing down.

I think I'm a-tremblin' now. I didn't realize that they weren't going to just give up! And those pictures... man, they just strike deep into my soul. Now that I know that they won't back down, maybe I should just be all for killing babies too, since it's a useless fight, with the NARAL advocates proudly saying they won't back down.

Did they really think they were sending some kind of meaningful message? Yeah, we get it, you want to keep on killing babies so that you can be free to have sex without consequences, and you won't quit fighting for that "right". Trust me, none of us ever thought you would.

Anyways, here are some of the pictures -- there are just over 100 total in the album, so these are just my personal favorites:

What I really love is the looks on their faces. Most of them have this smirk that I think is supposed to come off as tough and defiant. But mainly, it just makes them look like snobby, stuck-up, and kind of constipated high school students protesting something they don't really understand because they have nothing better to do and want to feel important.

I especially love the people who brought their babies into the pictures with them, as if that's supposed to prove something. "Look, I didn't kill my babies! I just want it to be OK for other women to!" Wow, congratulations. How about you buy 'em a shirt that sums up their position in this debate perfectly?

Anyways, I guess there's something we should let them know. Something that might be kind of important for them to understand. We're fighting for life. They're fighting for death. And if pictures are how they need to communicate, then fine. Here's a picture for them.

Hat Tip: Free Republic


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Comments (24)

It's just a matter of time ... (Below threshold)

It's just a matter of time before these haters turn to artificial insemination so they can bond in sister-hood and execute their "choice".

Revised sign:"I wa... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Revised sign:

"I want the ability to spread my legs with as little moral consequence and guilt as possible."

Yikes! I've lost my appetit... (Below threshold)

Yikes! I've lost my appetite.

They look as if they are in... (Below threshold)

They look as if they are in a perpetual state of Pissed Off-edness. Or constipation. You decide.

And I think it's interesting to note that the 5th picture is of someone standing in front of a NARAL sign, which begs the question: How many of these women are employees of NARAL?

Everyone of these ladies pi... (Below threshold)

Everyone of these ladies pictured is white (and probably fairly affluent). Why is that so?

Second photo left demonstra... (Below threshold)
Uncle Pinky:

Second photo left demonstrates the "compassionate head-tilt" taken to it's logical conclusion: where the brain is no longer attached to the body by any respiratory or circulatory system, resulting in foolishness.

Look again, almost exclusiv... (Below threshold)

Look again, almost exclusivly brown hair if you wish to catagorize them, and to be polite, I'd wear the bag if they want to shag.

"kind of constipated high s... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

"kind of constipated high school students protesting something they don't really understand because they have nothing better to do and want to feel important."
That fits their appearance and based upon their actions certainly re-enforces that thought.
And act like "first-class bitches," and/or be looked at as "fourth-rate intellectuals."

I wonder if anyone screens ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if anyone screens those entries.

What if the site were flooded with photos of aborted fetuses, with "We're Not Backing Down" signs?

They should hold up a hand ... (Below threshold)

They should hold up a hand blender as their sword and a phony copy of the Constitution as their shield.

This really is an issue abo... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

This really is an issue about personal responsibility - from one side of it, because the two entrenched sides are not arguing about the same thing. It boils down to "You have to pick a point where life starts, and we think this point is it" versus "Stop trying to tell us what to do, it's inconvenient".

Murder is, of course, one of the more serious crimes; obviously you need as clear a boundary as possibile between "alive" and "not alive".

Discardng the really fargone nuts on either fringe, the pro-life crowd recognizes that and chooses conception as the starting point, while a sizable portion of the pro-choice crowd (the run of the mill/reflexive ones, I think) just wants to duck that issue in any way possible.

They'll go on about privacy and their various rights to the exclusion of some legitimate and serious points of discussion (i.e. when does life start), and it's a result of being self absorbed. They simply do *not* want to face the fact that there is no cheap and easy way to screw like rabbits without risking pregnancy.

Now, I'm not about to go and dictate to the world where life begins, so I'm not really in this fight either way. But I can certainly note from the sidelines that one side has its head stuck pretty far up its ass in a large part because they're lazy and don't want to take responsibility for their own actions.

(On a side note, pro-lifers whose only arguments are "because God says so" are similarly annoying and ineffective, if not nearly as asinine. They can do better.)

Dogs all.... (Below threshold)

Dogs all.

The first 19 pictures above... (Below threshold)

The first 19 pictures above are of women that I would not even glance at if I passed them on the street.
The last picture (WE WONT BACK DOWN, EITHER)is really something else. If I were 50 years younger I would ask her for a date.

The only backing down that ... (Below threshold)

The only backing down that is at issue is why whoever fathered this group didn't "back down" before the damage was done.

One thought continued to oc... (Below threshold)

One thought continued to occupy my mind as I looked through your photo selection: "These people are having sex with someone !?!"

Except for the last one of course.

Why aren't these women prot... (Below threshold)

Why aren't these women protesting female castration? Honor killings? Are a woman's "rights" restricted to abortion?

This is why I can't respect their solidarity or fortitude: It's so narrow-minded. It leaves the really important and, admittedly, difficult issues of World-wide women's rights unaddressed. How does a modern, feminist woman reconcile herself with radical Islam?

Not many of 'em look like t... (Below threshold)

Not many of 'em look like they could get a man long enough to generate something to abort. Damn ugly and unhappy little witch brigade.

I like that hotty at the end tho . . .

Only goes to reinforce why ... (Below threshold)

Only goes to reinforce why I like Asian women. And, they like having babies.

That list was too long, I t... (Below threshold)

That list was too long, I thought it would never end...
Kinda looked like a woman's prison softball team lineup...
Except for the hoodsie at the end of course...

It's the expression on thei... (Below threshold)

It's the expression on their faces, not their looks.

But, yeah, a counter campaign of "we're not backing down either" with *smiling* women... everyone would think that attractive women like the idea of reproduction even if the women were no more or less attractive in real terms.

Oh... not *exacly* an off-topic tangent... took the kids to "Enchanted" last night which is a really stupid movie but pretty dang funny too... the part in there just for me... the Prince is knocking on doors looking for his true love and the door opens to the stereotypical tired, pregnant, mother with four children hanging on her. She takes one look at the Prince and says, "You're too late."

I really wonder what it mus... (Below threshold)

I really wonder what it must be like to be the child of one of these militant abortion defenders. Would you be grateful that you made it out alive? Would you wonder if your mother had had a bad day you might not have made it?

I think what you're suppose... (Below threshold)

I think what you're supposed to think is how you were really wanted.

Overall I don't think it works that way. Granted, it's probably not as bad as "I could have had an abortion, you know" but close enough because you know it, even if it wasn't ever said.

What I sometimes wonder... I think it's a pretty common fantasy for kids, to wonder about secret siblings or even secret parents (your *real* parents who are rich and beautiful and wonderful) but certainly secret siblings, a twin, something like that. Or, heck, maybe I'm just really twisted. LOL. But even knowing that it just wasn't reasonable to wonder if your mom had a baby she gave up that no one talks about... kids have these fantasies, right?

So what about if you know that your siblings were killed?


Or God help me, if you *know* that your mother had a "reduction" of a multiple pregnancy and that your twin got sucked out and thrown away?

It's not just saying those things bluntly that makes them horrible.

These prime organ grinders ... (Below threshold)

These prime organ grinders make My nads shudder!!

Wish they would retroactively make the right choice and abort their own disgusting existences..

These people in the photogr... (Below threshold)

These people in the photographs will just have to wait until Bush is gone and Democrats can start to undo the damage he has caused. That "Global Gag Rule" would be one of the first things a President Obama or (especially) a President Hillary will get rid of in January 2009.






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