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Top Ten news stories of 2007

The Associated Press has released it's Top Ten News Stories of 2007, as voted by its member editors and news directors:

Here are 2007's top 10 stories, as voted by AP members:







7. BRIDGE COLLAPSE: (Minnesota)




Read the details, along with runners-up and a few comments, at the link above.

Personally, I think they are way off base. "Global warming" a huge story? It's a major issue, but what was the earth-shattering story this year? "Immigration debate" - ditto: big issue, but no particular story was driving headlines on it. While the same might be said of "Presidential campaign," the sheer number of stories on it, and its importance, should rate it even higher.

Let me try and cobble together my own list:

1. Progress in Iraq/"The Surge"

2. Iran nuclear program.

3. Presidential campaign

4. Commodity prices (including oil)

5. Sarkozy elected French President

6. Chinese product recalls

7. Chavez referendum fails

8. Mortgage meltdown

9. Crackdown in Myanmar

10. California wildfires

(NOTE: As a matter of principle, I would never consider giving the publicity-seeking murderers in the tragic violence at Virginia Tech or the Omaha mall the posthumous attention they crave by including those crimes as a "top story." Anything which tends to elevate such acts to a status beyond base acts of depravity is, IMO, asking for more such villainy).

My nomination for the #1 story of the year which was completely ignored by the media: the performance of the United States economy. Despite the high costs of the Iraq War, energy and other commodity costs riding a spike based on the weakened dollar and speculation, the sub-prime mortgage debacle, and volatile equity markets, the economy has demonstrated strong, steady, non-inflationary growth with rising real incomes, employment, business profits, and productivity. You wouldn't know it by reading the Associated Press, of course . . .

Feel free to submit your own lists in comments - which, I am sure, will be as valid and well-considered as AP's or my own . . .


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Comments (7)

Of more interest, 2007: <a ... (Below threshold)

Of more interest, 2007: A Looney-Left Year.

And yes, it does include all the usual suspects.

3. IRAQ WAR: The "sur... (Below threshold)

3. IRAQ WAR: The "surge" that sent more U.S. troops to Iraq was credited with helping reduce the overall level of violence. But thousands of Iraqis and hundreds of U.S. personnel were killed nonetheless during the year, and Iraqi political leaders struggled to make meaningful progress toward national reconciliation.

This is how the AP describes one of the most successful turnarounds in recent millitary history. The article practically drips with understatement.

If the War in Iraq was Page One material for years during the difficult period after the invasion, the Patreus success should be Item 1 now.

I agree with you Jim: the Economy should be a top story also, but that wouldn't dovetail with Liberal talking points.

The economy is thriving in spite of an expensive war, record energy prices and a historical credit market meltdown. The Federal Budget deficit is shrinking and tax rates remain lower than the 1990's.

The left wants us to believ... (Below threshold)

The left wants us to believe the economy is struggling so bad they would do just about anything to make it so. Just last evening the local news (NE Ohio) reported holiday sales were down 14%. That just has to be an out right lie.

Iran nuclear program.</i... (Below threshold)

Iran nuclear program.

Oh. Which one is that? The imaginary one your propaganda corps churned out, or the real, domestic, non-military one we now know is in place (or at least those of us who can take unfiltered, actual news)?

astigafa ~ Remarkable that ... (Below threshold)

astigafa ~ Remarkable that you will rely on the CIA's "high confidence" that the Iran bomb program ceased in 2003 and "moderate confidence" it has never been resumed.

The CIA failed to predict the nuclear weapons programs of:

South Africa

Now, most people might look at such a track record of dismal failure and be somewhat suspicious of assurances from the same agency. Of course, most people don't share your respect for and confidence in America's enemies.

My ten...mortgage de... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

My ten...
mortgage debacle should be number #1
Look around your neighborhood at not only the For sale signs but how long they have been there.
There is also the ripple from folks suckered into taking a 2nd so they could buy stuff.
The Irony is a few years ago when Tom "the hammer" Delay pushed through the bailout of the suffering credit card Co's by revising bankruptcy....
People are leaving their homes..because they cannot declare bankruptcy...

The failure of the Iraqi govt to do anything with the success of the surge...

Third...Big Business Republicans who for years have pushed Jesus and immigration have to deal with a constituency that takes it seriously and is imploding.

Fourth...Pakistan which has nuke capibilities acting like Iran which does not...

Fifth...The battle with the Dems on how far left is enough?

Sixth...Rove leaving...

Seventh....The photos of Brittany's crotch

Eighth...Bush stands tall...still

Ninth..the latest scandle in your town

Ten...Something big may Hit Mars

Britney Spears will likely ... (Below threshold)

Britney Spears will likely feel hurt after working so hard to become the main story of 2007. But seriously, AP is not mainly a business news reporting source, so likely business news did not rate as high with them as other more general events. Business can be a highly technical field and the specifics were likely ignored by AP for this reason would be my best guess.






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