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And now for the news.......

This gives a new meaning to the term 'Station break'.

CHICAGO - A vehicle crashed into a TV station studio, jarring the building and startling a weekend anchor as he delivered the 10 p.m. news. Police were investigating the Sunday night incident at WLS-TV's downtown studio. There were no injuries, they said.

A loud noise was heard inside the studio and on the air, startling weekend anchor Ravi Baichwal, officials said.

Police spokesman Officer David Banks said it was not immediately clear why the driver of a Mazda MPV with Indiana license plates plowed into the studio's reinforced glass wall.

ABC 7 President and General Manager Emily Barr said the incident might have been deliberate, but she couldn't be sure.

People plow into buildings, pools, park benches etc, all the time in Florida. It is only in rare cases intentional. So why should it be different in Illinois?


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Comments (3)

Probably because the driver... (Below threshold)

Probably because the driver wasn't some fossil who somehow still has a valid drivers license even though they drive at the same speed they walk.

No mention if his name was Mohamed either.

/snark off

Nah, this'll be investigate... (Below threshold)

Nah, this'll be investigated by the TSA, FBI, Illinois State police, and other agencies as a terrorist incident. Have to justify bureaucratic existence don'tcha know? Its obviously a terrorist attack on the American press. It HAS to be (see above). Next thing you know the local politicians will put up concrete barriers and screening detectors so only 'authorized' personnel will be allowed close to the studio. Its for our own good (see above).

The guy made several passes... (Below threshold)

The guy made several passes by the studio making U-turns in the street, before crashing into the building. He also, according to one witness, warned people on the sidewalk to move out of the way. He is however, an old fossil -- he's 25.






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