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Another Year, Same Crappy Santa Picture

This picture first ran at Wizbang in December 2003 in a post called, Another Year, Another Crappy Santa Picture.

Our days of Santa photo ops ended once I found out that the lack of lines for the mall Santa was due to the fact that they were handing out pagers with a 1+ hour wait. Still, it's become something of a tradition to re-run this picture as a monument to the futility of the Santa photo op, and as an introduction to the Scared Of Santa Photo Gallery.



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Comments (7)

Dang, I feel sorry for that... (Below threshold)

Dang, I feel sorry for that poor man.

BTW, something on this blog... (Below threshold)

BTW, something on this blog page is HONKING at me and it woke my husband up, who was asleep.

Please, if you can FIX it.

Merry Christmas wizbangers.... (Below threshold)

Merry Christmas wizbangers.

Man that guy looks l... (Below threshold)

Man that guy looks like he belongs on the level 3 registry.

Looks like they have CLUASI... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Looks like they have CLUASIPHOBIA

Hey kids... welcome to My ... (Below threshold)

Hey kids... welcome to My private sleighroom..

My little Helen was a champ... (Below threshold)

My little Helen was a champ this year. At the age of 1, she is too young to appreciate what horrors might lurk behind the beard and red outfit.

But, that's what Mom and Dad are for . . .






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