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Headline news

Raul Castro says Fidel ready for new bid

Taxidermists flock to EBAY in order to get the honor of stuffing the Cuban Dictator

Baby Jesus statue gets GPS for Christmas

Police soon afterwards arrest Mexican child and confiscate his wagon

Dying Iowa voter confronts candidates

Tells both Democrats and Republicans who come knocking on her door- I won't vote for you dead or alive.

Nuns leave their brains to science

There may be hope for Ron Paul yet.

Passport office in need of spellcheck

Uses same program as Wizbang bloggers

On Christmas, pope urges end to wars

Now if nations would stop starting them.


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"On Christmas, pope urges e... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

"On Christmas, pope urges end to wars.
Now if nations would stop starting them."

And we bomb the piss out of those countries,
Who don't abide by what the Pope-man said.

I agree with that. That pope sure knows what he speaking of.

Wars have always been a part of history. Let the pope come in at the end and try to mitigate the human misery. The faster the War, the quicker the victory, the less comforting he has to do.

There is a place for religion, there is a place for strength.

Is their something rong wit... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

Is their something rong with my speling?

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