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Hannah Montana Essay Mom: "We did whatever we could do to win."

Meet the front runner for 2007's Mother Of The Year, Priscilla Ceballos


Everything was going fine for Priscilla, and her 6-year-old daughter Alexis, Friday morning. Alexis had won an essay contest at Club Libby Lu - a nationwide clothing store - winning an in-store Hannah Montana makeover and, more importantly, four tickets (plus airfare and lodging) the Jan. 9 Hannah Montana in Albany, N.Y.. Here's the essay in its entirety:

"My daddy died this year in Iraq. I am going to give mommy the Angel pendant that daddy put on mommy when she was having me. I had it in my jewelry box since that day. I love my mommy."

It's easy to see how the company could pick the girl's entry. Priscilla's problems started when WFAA reporter Bryon Harris looked into the story of the fallen father. It turns out that Army Sgt. Jonathon Menjivar of Garland, TX didn't die in Iraq, and there's not even a soldier by that name. Harris confronted Priscilla in the store as she was claiming her daughter's prize and it's been all downhill for her and her daughter since.

The Dallas Morning News said that Club Libby Lu was still planning to honor the girl's prize, but later reports have the company considering taking the prize away. Finally a Dallas station interviewed Ceballos who claims they never represented it as true and that it was like a creative writing essay...

The answer, of course, is easy. Club Libby Lu should take those tickets and give them to the daughter of the family of the nearest military casualty. Perhaps the blogosphere, with a little research, can point the company in the direction of suitable candidates.


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Comments (17)

Email Club Libby Lu and enc... (Below threshold)

Email Club Libby Lu and encourage them to give the tickets to a little girl who really did lose her daddy in Iraq!



[email protected]

Man that's just a jaw dropp... (Below threshold)

Man that's just a jaw dropper.

Typical beaners. They take... (Below threshold)

Typical beaners. They take and take from this country. Priscilla Ceballos is probably here legally, and she still has that parasite mentality. Human debris, all of them.

People like that are disgus... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

People like that are disgusting...

I think it goes back to the Limbaugh "Phony Soldier" controversy. There are plenty of people out there lying about service... It is absolutely disgusting...

Done. Voiced my opinion to... (Below threshold)

Done. Voiced my opinion to Club Libby Lu. Disgusting selfish materialistic 'mother.' Even the essay is about the 'mother' and not the daughter or the fictional dad.

Here's an idea -- how about... (Below threshold)

Here's an idea -- how about some nice, pretty fake Hannah Montana tickets created especially for Ms. Ceballos in place of the real ones.

I think it's just sad, but ... (Below threshold)

I think it's just sad, but remember: both mother and daughter knew exactly what they were doing.

Problem is, mommy forgot about her MySpace page and public records...


Mother and daughter should ... (Below threshold)

Mother and daughter should work for the MSM. They have the fake but true thing down pat.

Kevin, why do you give that... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Kevin, why do you give that bitch the celebrity status she craves by putting her picture on your post? You should at least do some 'creative' photoshopping and give her horns or a moustache or something.

Never trust anyone who has ... (Below threshold)

Never trust anyone who has to draw their lips on!

I usually don't comment on ... (Below threshold)

I usually don't comment on a woman's makeup or looks in general, but this time I will. Did this lady use the same liner for her lips and eyebrows? Just askin'.

That's just really even wor... (Below threshold)

That's just really even worse that she would involve her daughter in such a scam. Pathetic.

Let her know how you feel a... (Below threshold)

Let her know how you feel and what type of daughter she is raising!!

xxxx xxx RD
xxxx, xx


Please do not post individuals private information,
including their addresses and phone numbers
on Wizbang.

This woman is a pi... (Below threshold)

This woman is a piece of trash that should face criminal charges for fraud, mail fraud, and have her children taken away from her. If you Google her name, you will see pictures of her. I leave you to find the photos with a smart-a** smirk on her face.

I have posted to my blog on this situation. Please feel free to visit and leave a comment.


These days, it's not uncomm... (Below threshold)

These days, it's not uncommon for a potential employer to "google" the name of someone they are considering hiring. Once on the Internet, its there forever.

Even if she is not prosecuted (which I doubt she will be) and even if they can't take away her tickets (which they may not do), this may end up the most expensive decision (mistake) this woman has ever made.

People will always wonder if what she says is the truth or if she is just being "creative".

Let's all get her phone num... (Below threshold)

Let's all get her phone number then prank call the crap out of her!

"The next best thing to being there"

Myspace (picture) link is d... (Below threshold)
Steam Dragon:

Myspace (picture) link is dead...
I wonder why?






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