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Earlier today, Wizbang published an article that made joking reference to a shooting at a Hooters in Knoxville, Tennessee.

For the first time ever, I have invoked my authority as Main Page Editor and removed an article.

I was not the author of the piece, but it went out on my watch, so I accept full responsibility for it.

As Main Page Editor of Wizbang, I apologize for this incident, and I am working to make sure it does not happen again.

Comments now closed. The matter is over, as far as I'm concerned.


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Comments (13)

Well done. Too bad the MSM ... (Below threshold)

Well done. Too bad the MSM is incapable of making such corrections.

The piece confused me more ... (Below threshold)

The piece confused me more than offended me.

"As Main Page Editor of Wiz... (Below threshold)

"As Main Page Editor of Wizbang, I apologize for this incident, and I am working to make sure it does not happen again." -- Mr. Tea

I forgive you.

There are constantly shootings all over the world because it's so easy for crazy people to get guns, and conservatives need to learn that the resulting bloodshed is no joking matter.

It is no joking matter for you to politicize this matter either.
Next time you'll find a dramatic change in your post,if
you attempt it again.

If only liberals were as co... (Below threshold)

If only liberals were as concerned about lives as they are guns. Will they ever admit that a fetus is a life, and that abortion docs kill way more people than guns, Hitler, Stalin, etc?

Giani, I would appreciate i... (Below threshold)

Giani, I would appreciate if you didn't try to turn this into a discussion of other issues. I've already pulled one posting today; you're making me wonder if I should have closed comments on this one.

Knock. It. Off.


Sounds about as appropriate... (Below threshold)

Sounds about as appropriate as your "Hostage situation! Cool!" article.

J-Im not the one w... (Below threshold)


Im not the one who brought politics into a shooting incident thread.

Should I apologize for bringing up a mainstay of liberalism after a broad brush swipe at conservatives after an incident in which few actual details are known?

Giani, I missed Herman's co... (Below threshold)

Giani, I missed Herman's comment. I'm glad Maggie didn't.

But his being a dipshit is pretty much to be expected. Yours is not. Besides, "he did it first" is a lousy excuse.

ANY MORE attempts to bring politics to this discussion will result in closing comments entirely on this posting.


J there really is nothing t... (Below threshold)

J there really is nothing to say, close comments.

Apology accepted. You stil... (Below threshold)

Apology accepted. You still rock.

Regardless of what ever was... (Below threshold)

Regardless of what ever was in the story I didn't read it, Wizbang continues to show great quality in how it is run. Great staff who can work together and handle anything that comes along...
Cya in future posts..

I dont think I ever mention... (Below threshold)

I dont think I ever mentioned he did it first.

I just wish some who claim to be compassionate really were.

Mistakes happen, Jay.... (Below threshold)

Mistakes happen, Jay.

The question afterwards is whether the response and remedy are appropriate to the incident.

Yours was. Well done, sir.






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