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Pimp my Rolls

Once upon a time, simply owning a Rolls Royce signified wealth. Nowadays, for some with more money than taste, the genteel elegance just isn't enough. They need customization - including mink-lined seats, more spacious floorboards for kneeling servants, and even made up to resemble a Royal Carriage bedecked in gold.

Some requests, though, are declined, including a solid-gold overlay (by an American rapper) and a shocking pink paint job (from a Russian businessman), for being over the top.

The full Telegraph story is here, and LauraW's comments are at Ace of Spades.


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Wow! The crown prince of B... (Below threshold)

Wow! The crown prince of Brunei is really in to the bling bling!

George ~ Hey, that's how he... (Below threshold)

George ~ Hey, that's how he Rolls . . .







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