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Bastard Drives Drunk, Kills Five

I'm sad to say that this took place in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Eight people were in a minivan driving home to Maryland after Christmas, and a bastard got drunk, got behind the wheel of a pickup truck, and drove. He hit the minivan head on and killed five of the passengers, the youngest being a six month old baby girl. This bastard was so drunk that he entered I-280 heading in the wrong direction. Did I say he's a bastard?

The driver of a pickup truck that went the wrong way on an interstate and collided with a minivan, killing five people, failed a sobriety test and was charged Monday with aggravated vehicular homicide, authorities said.

The accident occurred late Sunday night when the minivan, traveling in the southbound lanes on Interstate 280 near the I-75 interchange, collided with the truck, going north in the southbound lanes, assistant fire chief Luis Santiago said.

The driver of the pickup truck, Michael Gagnon, of 24, of Adrian, Mich., was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. Tests showed his blood-alcohol level was .254, more than three times Ohio's legal limit of .08. Gagnon smelled of alcohol at the crash scene, according to a police report.

Bits of gift wrap and toys were strewn about the highway, suggesting the minivan was carrying a family heading home from the holidays, Santiago said.

"It was among the worst I've seen," he said of the crash scene.

Gagnon was going so fast that even though the minivan's driver tried to swerve to get out of the way the van's entire passenger side was sheered off. Another motorist had to be flagged down so as to not hit the victims who were lying in highway.

This was how the police found the drunk:

Police officers said Mr. Gagnon's speech was slurred, his eyes were glassy, and that he was agitated at the scene of the accident, according to a search warrant filed in Toledo Municipal Court. Police said he smelled of alcohol.

The warrant also indicated that Mr. Gagnon admitted to consuming intoxicants and that one or more liquor containers were found in the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the three survivors from the minivan are not out of the woods; they have life threatening injuries themselves. The drunk driver, however, had the nerve to complain of jaw pain. Well, there's a remedy for that in Ohio. It's called lethal injection.

Update: Here's more on the drunk bastard from the Toledo Blade:

So many people tried to stop him.

The young man at Taco Bell knew he was drunk, and called 911, but couldn't make him stay.

The panicked drivers along southbound I-280 swerved out of the way and used their cell phones to dial 911, amazed that a hulking pickup truck could be going the wrong way on the highway.

But they couldn't stop him.

Within eight minutes, he had killed five members of a family from Maryland, including four children -- one of whom was just 8 weeks old.

"The guy might as well have had a loaded gun and shot those people," said Keith Allain, of Oakland Township, Michigan, one of the 911 callers.

Yesterday, the 24-year-old Adrian man -- who records show had a blood alcohol level of 0.254 percent, more than three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent -- was charged with five counts of aggravated vehicular homicide.

A previous report said the baby was six months old. She wasn't; she was just 8 weeks old, only three weeks older than my little one.


Chief Spann said Mr. Gagnon was aware the accident caused the deaths, and was uncooperative and belligerent when he spoke with investigators.

He has no previous drunk-driving convictions in Ohio or Michigan.

Samuel Gagnon, 21, Mr. Gagnon's brother, told The Blade last night from his home that "my prayers go out to the family," and declined further comment. The Gagnon brothers work construction together in the Adrian area.

Earlier yesterday Samuel Gagnon told the Baltimore Sun that his brother, wasn't supposed to be driving, but left the Oregon bar they were partying at without warning. He was driving Samuel Gagnon's truck.

"I don't know why he decided to leave," he told the Sun. "Everyone's in shock. We're supposed to be celebrating the New Year, but now I got to look forward to my brother in jail the rest of his life."

At least your brother is alive, Mr. Gagnon, unlike the four innocent children he essentially murdered Sunday night. They were just children, for God's sake.


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Wouldn't there be far fewer... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't there be far fewer fatalities caused by drunk drivers if fewer people drove and more people got around by bicycle, as they do in Copenhagen? Check this out:


Now I ask you: when was the last time a drunk bicyclist ever killed anyone? Not only would there be fewer fatalities, but there would also be less air pollution, less global warming, more conservation of oil for future generations, etc.

Herman, have you ever bicyc... (Below threshold)

Herman, have you ever bicycled to Maryland from Ohio?
Newsflash - the USA isn't a small tightly packed country like Denmark with old cities like Copenhagen that were built about a thousand years before motorized traffic.

Herman - Wouldn't there be ... (Below threshold)

Herman - Wouldn't there be far fewer asinine off topic comments caused by [semi]illiterates if the blogoshpere were equipped with a Maxwell Smart type of Cone of Silence?

Herman,You are incre... (Below threshold)

You are incredibly insensitive, and crude.
The family was traveling long distance
in extreme winter weather.
You ought hang your head in shame, if you
have any.

I guess this poster (Herman) would back pack a 6
month old baby in such weather long distance,
with no compunction

A similar accident happened... (Below threshold)

A similar accident happened over in NJ this week. Drunk with open container went wrong way down I-95, and slammed head-on into a van filled with family members coming home from ski trip. Several family members killed.

Drunk won't get lethal injection because

1) Corzine, Codey & gang (with help from NJ RINOS) outlawed capital punishment this month and

2) Drunk killed himself, so divine justice will take over.

Herman,You are incre... (Below threshold)

You are incredibly insensitive, and crude.
The family was traveling long distance
in extreme winter weather.
You ought hang your head in shame, if you
have any.

I guess this poster (Herman) would back pack a 6
month old baby in such weather long distance,
with no compunction

"I guess this poster (Herma... (Below threshold)

"I guess this poster (Herman) would back pack a 6
month old baby in such weather long distance,
with no compunction." -- Maggie

You guess wrong, Maggie. I would never take a six month old baby on such an unnecessary trip to begin with! The fewer unnecessary trips by motorists, the less global warming, and the easier (and safer!) life is for not just bicyclists but also six-month old babies, who must hate lengthy car drives!

Ask yourself this question: don't you wish that Mr. Gagnon had been on a bicycle rather than driving a pickup truck?
notiz=Ride your bicycle on this.

Well, there's a re... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:
Well, there's a remedy for that in Ohio. It's called lethal injection.
The death penalty for aggravated vehicular homicide? If I'm not mistaken, you can't get a death penalty anywhere in the U.S. unless the murder was intentional.
Herman, it is not your plac... (Below threshold)

Herman, it is not your place nor your
position of authority to allow when or
not when a trip is necessary. The people
of this country do not live in Ussr type
Therefore you are demoted on this
thread for hijacking it with your bicycle.
Stay on topic.

yeah Herman - I bet the wor... (Below threshold)

yeah Herman - I bet the world will be a whole lot better place when you're the one deciding which trips are neccessary and which one's aren't.

This is why nobody really likes like left. Screw you and the rest of the left if you think anybody really cares what you think is neccessary.

If you're so freaking concerned about which trips are neccessary and which trips aren't, you can damn well start demanding that your "green-leaning" politician friends start accounting for the enormously wasteful things that they're doing (if they meant what they said, this cound have been done entirely by teleconference, for example or this... Nobody reasonable wants to go to a system like they had in the soviet union and have "royalty" tell them where they can go and what they can do - oh, except the party members who lived like royalty.

This story is about a drunk driver. We don't need or want a nanny state taking away every right that we have, just because someone might abuse it - when people break the law, they need to go to jail - for a very very long time - so that there is incentive not to break the law. We don't want to live in a giant Ball pit

I believe Anon is correct: ... (Below threshold)

I believe Anon is correct: the death penalty is likely off the table. However, if they give him the maximum for each death and injury, to be served consecutively, he might never get out to do it again.

Cheese and rice, Hermie, buy a vowel! :p

Hmm! So Herman has been dis... (Below threshold)

Hmm! So Herman has been disenvoweled! Funny! Rhymes with what should happen to that drunk driver! (IMHO)

Herman... Beelzebub's comic... (Below threshold)

Herman... Beelzebub's comic foil!

Maggie, you immature moron!... (Below threshold)

Maggie, you immature moron!!!!

If the part I briefly mentioned about "unnecessary trips" was what you found by you to be so "off topic," then even more off topic was your petty insult about me "back-packing" a six-month old, which was what I WAS MERELY RESPONDING TO. Right??? What's your answer, idiot???

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're capable of messing around with the writing of other people, misrepresenting what they say, like the seven-year old that you are.

But you need to apologize to "ComputerGuy" (post 9) as now no new reader will know precisely what the hell he/she is responding to because of what you did. But I doubt that you will.

Will you grow up???

Another drunk driving story... (Below threshold)

Another drunk driving story from Casper,WY. I understand the victim is still alive this AM but in critical condition. He was torn open in the ordeal and his internal organs were exposed. If he lives, it can only be attributed to the snow-pack on the streets.

By the Star-Tribune staff
Tuesday, January 1, 2008 2:04 AM MST

A Casper man facing felony charges of driving under the influence and aggravated assault will make his initial appearance in court today, after he hit a pedestrian with his SUV, dragging the vicitim for 1.1 miles under the vehicle.

The suspect struck the man after leaving the Sandbar Lounge around 2 a.m. Sunday morning. Passengers in the driver's GM Yukon said they told the man to stop after he hit the victim.

Intial appearances begin at 2 p.m. today at Natrona County Circuit Court.

Give him life in prison i s... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Give him life in prison i say 100 years for each person he killed and not one drop of liqure to him at all

Its a losing battle to keep... (Below threshold)

Its a losing battle to keep drunks off the road. You will see a number of folks pushing bicycles up hills around here that are doing so ONLY because their vehicles were impounded after their last DUI and they don't have any friends stupid enough to loan them their keys.

Jail time forever is a waste of our tax money unless the suckers are doing useful work on a chain gang.






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