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File This One Under Eew!


A bedbug infestation has taken over New York City, even the wealthiest, most exclusive areas of town.

A bedbug epidemic has exploded in every corner of New York City - striking even upper East Side luxury apartments owned by Gov. Spitzer's father, the Daily News has learned.

The blood-sucking nocturnal creatures have infested a Park Ave. penthouse, an artist's colony in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a $25 million Central Park West duplex and a theater on Broadway, according to victims, exterminators and elected officials.

Once linked to flophouses and fleabags, bedbug outbreaks victimize the rich and poor alike and are spreading panic in some of the city's hottest neighborhoods.

"In the last six months, I've treated maternity wards, five-star hotels, movie theaters, taxi garages, investment banks, private schools, white-shoe law firms, Brooklyn apartments in Greenpoint, DUMBO and Cobble Hill, even the chambers of a federal judge," said Jeff Eisenberg, owner of Pest Away Exterminating on the upper West Side.

The numbers are off the charts: In 2004, New Yorkers placed 537 calls to 311 about bedbugs in their homes; the city slapped 82 landlords with bedbug violations, data show.

Look at what happens when overzealous environmentalism leads to the banning of DDT. Bedbugs were eliminated in the 40's, but now they've returned and are creeping and crawling all over New Yorkers and sucking their blood while they sleep. Disgusting! This is what you'd expect in third world countries, not in America's greatest city. Take a look at some of the places that have been infested:

  • Ralph Lauren, 650 Madison Ave. - graphic design studio, company offices, September 2006
  • Luxury apartment building (owned by Bernard Spitzer), 220 E. 72nd St. - apartments on 15th, 16th and 17th floors, 2006 and 2007
  • Helmsley Park Lane Hotel, 36 Central Park South - guest room, 2005
  • President Thomas Jefferson Houses, 310 E. 115th St. - residential apartments, 2005, 2006 and 2007

If you're in New York City for New Year's Eve, you might want to ask your hotel manager if they've had an outbreak. Bedbugs can find their way into your luggage and come home with you, and once you get infested, getting rid of them is quite an ordeal that can cost up to several thousands of dollars.


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Comments (13)

Looks like another good Rud... (Below threshold)

Looks like another good Rudy talking point to me.

aw come on..the bugs are ju... (Below threshold)

aw come on..the bugs are just seeking a sanctuary city where they can build a new life..

"Rats on the West Side, bed... (Below threshold)

"Rats on the West Side, bedbugs, Uptown..."


Qoute:"Look at ... (Below threshold)


"Look at what happens when overzealous environmentalism leads to the banning of DDT."

I'm no enviro-nut, but, I really hope you're being facetious with this ignorant statement..

DDT certainly works, but, it actually did wreak havoc in ways no one expected (or didn't want to admit), and was responsible for certain environmental destruction and wildlife devastation that is problematic to this day..

That is fact..

One of the more silly statements you've made, Kim..

hey, lowmal, <a... (Below threshold)

hey, lowmal,

Experts attribute the plague to various factors, including the increased risk of importing bedbugs due to the "surge in global travel and mobility in all socioeconomic classes", combined with "less toxic urban pesticides and the banning of DDT.
Now since bedbugs don't carry disease and therefore relatively harmless, the banning of DDT has also had a devestating effect of contemporary raging malaria. But, what the heck, since malaria kills only about a million people a year -- mostly black and brown -- who are we to care? Better dead people than non-Green!

OK, Darleen..Since... (Below threshold)

OK, Darleen..

Since we're talking about bedbugs in the priemere city in our first world country, and of course you would extrapolate what I said to mean not using DDT suggests no one cares about "black and brown" people, you should really be taken seriously..

Take your friggin' blinders off and look at things in a bit wider view for a change.

Kim is talking about the use of DDT for FRIGGIN' CONTROL OF BEDBUGS..

DDT is effective at alot of pest control but it also is toxic as hell to alot more than just "pests".. THAT IS A FACT..

Take your pathetic strawman and tuck him in real good tonight..

lowmal has a low level of ... (Below threshold)

lowmal has a low level of pain and you pained him bad and got his panties in a bunch. Too bad he spouts a bunch of garbage he knows nothing about. Like the rest of the liberal experts, he heard if from someone who heard it from someone, so it must be fact.

Kim I'm sorry but New York ... (Below threshold)

Kim I'm sorry but New York as America's "greatest" city?

I'm not going to presume to claim which city is America's "Greatest"...

but to claim New York as that just plays right into their f*cking elitist Northeast "new york is capital of world" hands.

There is a registry, not su... (Below threshold)

There is a registry, not sure how often it is updated, I think it relies on public reporting but it is here: bedbugregistry.com/

In addition to the upsurge of bed bugs the increase in cockroaches due to the banning of DDT is considered one of the major causes of an increase in asthma in children in urban settings.

DDT was overused for outdoor spraying but was and is considered safe for indoor use. It was even approved by the WHO a year ago (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2006/pr50/en/)

Malaria kills about 1 million each year and effective use of DDT can reduce infection by 90%. That means in the 26 years it hasn't been widely used millions have died unnecessarily . That is Rachel Carlson's true legacy. Oh, and those bald eagles, while DDT did cause weakened shells the populations were already devastated by hunting that had gone on for centuries. As a matter of fact Alaska so encouraged the hunting that up to 1962 hunters were given $2 for each set of talons brought in.

There are pesticides other ... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

There are pesticides other than DDT, readily avaiable to the public, that will take care of bedbugs. Don't ask me how I know. Getting rid of them takes some common sense, available from the internet, such a washing and high heat drying of bedding, including blankets.

What struck me was the attitude of New Yorkers that this is someone elses problem to solve, when they most likely were the ones who caused the problem. Calling the city (311), joining bedbug support groups, making the landlord cure their problem is a sign these are utterly helpless people. Yet they consider themselves the most sophisticated, knowledgeable people on earth.

Well, that's how they see themselves. Outsiders have a different take.

Look even wealthy liberals ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:


Qoute "lowmal has ... (Below threshold)


"lowmal has a low level of pain and you pained him bad and got his panties in a bunch. Too bad he spouts a bunch of garbage he knows nothing about. Like the rest of the liberal experts, he heard if from someone who heard it from someone, so it must be fact."


1) I am a conservative

2) This issue has nothing to do with being a liberal or conservative.. It's just that God forbid a hack like yourself has a conversation about somehthing without degrading it in to a battle between liberal and conservative ideas.

3) Look up what horible effects DDT has had on wildlife.. You know, you can be a conservative and give a shit about the environment.

4) Your post is incoherent, at best.. You've said absolutely nothing of substance.. Would you like to prove that I know nothing about this and that I've heard it from others? Where did you get this insider information about me? I don't believe we actually know eachother, so I don't think you can really make a judgement as to the sincerity of my comments..

Try to contribute in a meaningful way sometime.. It's fun!!


Actually, lowmal, you reall... (Below threshold)

Actually, lowmal, you really should not tell others that their posts are incoherent. Especially as you really don't understand as much about DDT than you seem to be aware. It actually is far safer for higher order mammals than most pesticides in terms of harmful dose. The problem with DDT is not its toxicity, which is really very low, but its persistence in the environment.

That very persistence can be an important attribute in some applications, like indoor mosquito control.






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