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Just last week a Catholic Church in the county I live in had its Christmas collection stolen. If you don't know, the Christmas Day collection at most Catholic Churches is several times larger than the normal Sunday collection. These yearly windfalls are saved for church expenses later in the year when collections slip. Particularly during the summer time when Florida's seasonal residents(called snow birds) have gone back up north.

In the last few days another church and religion came to Emmanuel's assistance? What faith? Islam. A local mosque made a donation to the church to make up for the financial loss that was suffered.

If Muslims and Christians could always live with this. God bless these people for their generosity.

Disclosure- My wife is an employee of the Diocese of Palm Beach.


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Nice Story.I guess... (Below threshold)

Nice Story.

I guess that must be one of the few mosques where the leaders speak out against fanatic violence and pray for our soldiers five times a day too.

Any chance you could reveal... (Below threshold)

Any chance you could reveal the name of the mosque as well? It's always nice to give the good guys public recognition.






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