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Turning The Other Cheek

Earlier this week, Mike Huckabee held a press conference. The original intent was to unveil his latest attack ad on Mitt Romney. At the last moment, though, Huckabee thought better of it, and instead announced that he would NOT be airing the ad.

But just in case some folks thought he was bluffing, he ran the ad for the press. Who had their cameras rolling.

Now the ad is getting even more air time than if Huckabee had aired it -- without costing his campaign a dime.

I had my own little "hit piece" worked up on Huckabee over this little incident, but I decided it was too mean-spirited, too negative, and set the wrong tone for Wizbang, so I spiked it.

If anyone doubts me and wants to call my bluff, they can check below the fold. Those who are willing to simply take my word for it, my thanks. It isn't complete -- I changed my mind before I gave it a final proofing and inserted documentary links, but it's fairly accurate of how it would have looked in the end.

With his little stunt this last week ("I have an ad that nails Romney to the wall, but I won't air it because it's too vicious -- see here for yourself"), Mike Huckabee has revealed himself to be the proper heir to the old-time snake-oil salesmen and revivalist hucksters (no pun intended -- well, maybe a little) of days of yore. He's a modern-day Elmer Gantry.

I've had it with him. I have no problems with Christians, or even members of the clergy, but when they put the tenets of their faith above everything else -- even common sense -- then they've crossed the line of Separation of Church And State. Huckabee, while he was governor of Arkansas, issued a metric assload of pardons, clemencies, and the like -- mostly to those who found Jesus while locked up. And at least one of those Born Agains ended up killing. Way to go, Mikey.

I've also had it with the slippery ethics that seem to be innate with Arkansas governors. Huckabee took hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts, speaking fees, and just-short-of-bribes from lots of people who had business before the state, and there's been a remarkable confluence of those who gave the governor extravagant gifts and those who received state appointments.

I don't like speaking so harshly of a man of the cloth, especially one with a degree in theology. (Oops, his bad -- he's got a degree just like he has John Bolton advising him on foreign policy, just like Bill Richardson once had a major league baseball career, like Hillary Clinton had arranged for the first President Bush to go on a good-will tour with her husband to undo the "damage" his son had caused). But there's only one group of people who are entitled to "have it both ways," and Huckabee is NOT a hot chick. (As the old saying goes, "whatever two or more women want to do is fine, as long as there's at least one man there to watch.")

Remember, this is Saint Huckabee, the great theologian (well, amateur theologian) who announced that Mormonism taught that Jesus and Satan were brothers.

If in November it comes down to Huckabee or Hillary Clinton, I might have to hold my nose and cast my vote for the carpetbagger over the Huckster. Ideologically, they don't seem to far apart on the issues that matter to me, but at least with Hillary her sanctimoniousness is far more transparent, and her socialist agenda more easily rejected without the veneer of religion over it.

Phew. I'm so glad I thought better about publishing this piece. It really was too nasty, even for me.


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Comments (10)

I agree. The Huckster looke... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I agree. The Huckster looked like a good guy to vote for at the start of this "Huckaboom", but the more i've learned about him, i'm starting to detest him and those that support him simply because of his religion. The democrats support people for reasons like that. (The black guy, the woman etc..)

I'd hate to see our party nominate someone based on one simple fact, that he is a religious man. It speaks nothing to any issues other than maybe abortion, but that isn't 100% either...

The Huckster is not going t... (Below threshold)

The Huckster is not going to be the Republican nominee. Get a grip everybody.

Too soon to tell about Huck... (Below threshold)

Too soon to tell about Huckabee. I love you JT, but you can't seem to let the Christianity part go. We are all normal people also, faults and all. All the candidates have personal obstabcles to cross. ww

I think too many people are... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I think too many people are letting their candidate be chosen for them because he's a man of faith, plain and simple.

WW, I'm not so sure I disag... (Below threshold)

WW, I'm not so sure I disagree with Jay, and I'm very much a Christian. Huckabee bothers me, the same way a creepy televangelist staring at me through the TV bothers me. Just because someone has religion doesn't take away from their crooked behavior.

And something about Huckabee just doesn't sit well with me.

I remain baffled at Huckabe... (Below threshold)

I remain baffled at Huckabee's rise in the polls, and can only hope that his bubble will soon burst.

I am not saying Huckabee is... (Below threshold)

I am not saying Huckabee is my choice either. I said it is too soon. Guliani and McCain have major issues also. As does Romney. Fred Thompson at this point for me is a question mark. Truth be told, I don't totally trust any politician anymore. ww

Hmm, JT, looks like you tur... (Below threshold)

Hmm, JT, looks like you turned both cheeks to the H-man at the same time (in a lunar way, that is). Good thing you didn't publish the article, and glad to see you decided not to illustrate it either.

"If in November it comes do... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

"If in November it comes down to Huckabee or Hillary Clinton, I might have to hold my nose and cast my vote for the carpetbagger over the Huckster. Ideologically, they don't seem to far apart on the issues that matter to me"

Wow. What could those issues be? These two candidates are diametrically opposed on the issues of life, marriage, God, taxes, foreign policy, immigration and role of government in our everyday lives. If you are failing to distinguish differences between these two candidates, you are in the wrong profession.

Sorry, but Huckabee is for ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but Huckabee is for higher taxes like Hillary, he's for govt. intervention in our everyday lives to stop us from doing things like smoking -- just like Hillary, his immigration policy wants to reward the kids of illegals -- just like Hillary, his foreign policy is weak and based on his personal feelings -- just like Hillary, he's all for getting cash for favors -- just like Hillary, etal. The only difference is abortion. Huckabee is a pro-life Democrat. Hillary is a pro-choice Democrat.

Just as Ron Paul is being financed the Soros loonies as a stalking horse for their anti-war and anti-American agenda, Mike Huckabee is a stalking horse for the Clinton campaign. It'd be interesting to see how much of his money has come from Clinton sources.






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