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Get the spin now & beat the after-caucus rush

Iowa's caucuses are tonight, marking the "official" beginning of the Presidential nomination campaigns which began a year ago. While it may be difficult to get a meaningful result tonight - the Republicans hold a beauty contest only, and the Democrats' rules are so involved it may take a day or more to sort out who really won the most delegates - you can bet every candidate will have people before the media explaining how the result was exactly what they expected/needed.

Putting the proper "spin" on the results is a relatively new phenomenon - 25 years ago losing candidates usually merely conceded (George H.W. Bush may have made the first attempt at spin when he lost New Hampshire to Reagan after winning "big Mo" in Iowa, by claiming "little Mo") - but it doesn't really fool anyone. In fact, the spin each candidate will give every possible result can be easily predicted, and NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd has done just that.

His predictions sound close enough to me. Read them all and refer to them as the results crawl across the bottom of the TV screen as you watch Kansas and Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. Let's hope the game is as hotly contested as Iowa has been this year . . .


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Yawn!... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:


Have to agree with Piso. T... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Have to agree with Piso. That article was a waste of time to read.

It was cute how he focused on the big three that NBC News and the rest of the old media are rooting for and then lumped all the leading Republicans in with the "2nd tier" Democrats, while totally ingnoring the "2nd tier" Republicans. Nope, no bias there.

That was all that article was worth-- more proof of the pro-communist bias of NBC. Lacking was any interesting political analysis.






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