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Timing is Everything

Former GOP Senator Burns No Longer Part of Abramoff Probe

Conrad Burns, the former Republican U.S. Senator from Montana who narrowly was defeated in 2006, no longer is part of the ongoing federal investigation of jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

Timing indeed is everything, eh?

Here's an interesting question: How many conservatives in Montana do you figure stayed home and didn't vote for Burns, and thereby gifted over a crucial Senate seat to a liberal Democrat, on the theory Burns irrevocably was tainted and must have been guilty as sin?

5,000? 10,000?

Burns' margin of defeat was under 4,000 votes.

Unfortunately, however, there are no replay buttons for elections. Just ask the conservatives who in 1992 either stayed home or voted for Ross Perot.


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You said it before, and let... (Below threshold)

You said it before, and let's remember again: Elections matter.

Well...add insult to injury... (Below threshold)

Well...add insult to injury frickin' Harry Reid is the majority leader by 3,000 votes.

Conrad Burns happened to be one of my all time favorite senators because he mixed it up and played hard against the Democrats.

He played hard against the Liberals-he fought for the defense of America.

Another one down at the hands of Conservatives who believe that the media plays "fair".

What the hell is it going to take?

Some of us can hazard a guess and it ain't going to be pretty.

Who is it going to cost?

The military.

Conservatives support the troops unless they are naive, or unless the Conservative candidate is unpure-according to- the media. The media that is self declared and polled to be 90% Democrat.

Too many Conservatives fall into those two categories and defeat the sacrifices the military has made to gain some ground against the all out evil that is terrorism.

Handing over control of Congress to the Democrats is asking the military to fight terrorism by half-with only the defensive line.

"the military has made to g... (Below threshold)

"the military has made to gain some ground against the all out evil that is"


There. Cleaned that up for ya'.

yo-LOL! Thanks I n... (Below threshold)


LOL! Thanks I needed that.

Gawd I hate those bastards-Liberals that is.

One of those clown-car moon... (Below threshold)

One of those clown-car moonbats put the following in this post:

We know that the reason those prosecutors who were fired was they wouldn'[t "play ball" with the politicization, and we know the ones who did and dropped investigations of Republicans and/or initiated investigations of Democrats kept their jobs. They are still there, the Congress isn't doing their job of getting to the bottom of this, so we're left with the assumption of political interference and corruption.

Let's see: Harry Reid, with ties to Abramoff, is the Senate Majority Liar; Byron Dorgan, with ties to Abramoff, is still in the Senate. Burns, who also had ties to Abramoff, is out of office after being smeared by his political opponents. But that isn't enough for the "law-and-order" "liberals".

Other Dems being investigated for criminal activity, most notably "Cold, Hard Cash" Jefferson and Allan Mollohan (who chairs the subcommittee that handles FBI appropriations), are still in office. Jim McDermott, who recently lost his case in the Supreme Court of his illegal leak of an illegal wiretap of a Newt Gingrich/John Boehner phone conversation, is still in office, looking for handouts (like the welfare queen he is) to pay his $800,000 fine and court charges. And who could forget Jack "Abscam" Murtha. Oh, that's right...the moonbats.

It seems the "liberals" didn't get enough trumped up charges against Republicans or they would have a filibuster- and veto-proof majority in both Houses.

Jayson,Burns had o... (Below threshold)


Burns had other problems. Comments here and here that had James Joyner at Outside the Beltway questioning his judgment, and in the first case also getting a Knucklehead award from me.

In addition to Burns sticking his foot in his mouth repeatedly, you have Montana politics. It is arguably the most Democratic of the Rocky Mountain states. Burns was the only GOP Senator that state has had Eisenhower was elected President in 1952. He also had a close call in 2000.

Here's two other things, Burns was named one of the five worst Senators by Time magazine. Plus he did return a Abramoff contribution of $111,000. He wasn't squeaky clean.






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